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Experience of teaching English and degree but no (international) TEFL qualifications

Part Four of my series of FAQ for people in various typical positions. Part Three (with links to Parts One and Two) is here, and the (proper) FAQ pages are here. I’ve been teaching immigrants English in my own … Continue reading

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Non-TEFL teaching qualifications and/ or experience

Part three in my series of FAQs for people at various stages of their careers. Do I need a TEFL qualification to teach in international schools? If you will be teaching your own subject (e.g. geography) rather than English as … Continue reading

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University degree but no teaching qualifications or experience

The second in a series of FAQ for people at particular stages of their career. What is the best qualification before your first job? The industry standard is a course with at least 100 hours of tuition and at least … Continue reading

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No degree, TEFL qualifications or experience

The start of a new series of FAQ for people at various stages of their careers. Comments and further questions gratefully accepted, as I’ll be writing a proper article on the topic sooner or later. Can I get on a … Continue reading

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Being a Bell Regional Delta Tutor

What is a Regional DELTA Tutor? Bell is one of various providers of the online Cambridge Delta, and have their own way of supporting candidates which is similar to other providers but with slightly different roles and titles. During Delta Module … Continue reading

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The Diving Bell and the Lesson Plan

After surprising myself by getting through three months of walking to work in the record Korean snow injury free, I rather ironically slipped over on a slightly wet wheelchair ramp in the land of go chuui kudasai (please be careful, … Continue reading

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New EFL handouts Feb 2010 Part Two

Prepositions and body part mimes Comparative and superlative plus adverb Speaking Health problems mimes Writing reviews in English- Harry Potter Words often used in newspaper headlines Webquest Reading in English discussion questions

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Development, blogs, books and Japan- An interview with Darren Elliott of Lives of Teachers blog

We all seem to be seeing your name around a lot recently. A masterplan to become the next Thornbury/ trying to keep yourself busy while your wife watches Japanese television/ sleep disorder/ other? I think it takes more than a … Continue reading

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Your DoS’s RMCITE (aka Nick’s Scale of Awesomeness)

A guest piece by Nick Jaworski of Turklish TEFL blog “Do you ever wonder why your Director of Studies likes others and not you? Do you ever get the feeling you’re being measured against some unknown scale? Well, this is … Continue reading

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Interview- TEFL Hero Jon Marks on the life of a full-time TEFL writer

It’s been a while since I’ve used the TEFL hero category, and I’ve even stripped some people of the honour (and Sandy MacManus has been pretty close a couple of times), but I’m glad I kept it going because Jon Marks deserves it for … Continue reading

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