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Extreme needs-based teaching!

I’ve been doing this for a while in one-to-one classes, but took me a while to come up with a worksheet for group classes to elicit and practise what students need in the very first lesson, even when those needs … Continue reading

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Articles and worksheets on needs analysis

I was working on a more general list of links on first lessons, but as I now have 21 links on the page on needs analysis (another chosen specialist subject, like numbers below) I think this will do for now… … Continue reading

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What we really should ask in level checks and needs analysis

What is your motivation for studying English? • too much free time • to date or marry a foreigner • to date fellow students • to save money on air conditioning/ heating • to get revenge on your boss by … Continue reading

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Needs analysis TEFLtastic style(s)

Updated full list of my worksheets and articles on the topic here:

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When needs analysis goes wrong

I don’t mean when they find nothing to say about their needs (I’ve got it set up so that it’s useful as a language task even when it is not as a needs analysis). What I’m talking about here is … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic worksheets etc January 2010

Guess the job 20 questions and personalisation Arrangements, plans and predictions speaking tasks Future clauses chain story

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New TEFL articles October 2008

I have to fly away from my Yahoo BB internet connection now, and I may be some time. So while I am gone from cyberspace, you all have a chance to read the over 200 articles I’ve written elsewhere- starting … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc August 08

It was a quiet month (if you don’t count the sound of the cicadas), but that will just give you the chance to read all of them for once, starting with a new series of “well balanced…” articles on … Continue reading

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Exploding baths and English teaching

Don’t know if the exploding posh hot springs resort in Shibuya (of 8 directions at once crossing and Lost in Translation karaoke fame) made the news abroad. It was another quiet news day in Japan (apparently news of Africa cannot … Continue reading

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X in the classroom

Teaching (college student) teenagers again despite my best efforts to avoid it, there is one factor in the classroom that stands out more than other kinds of classes and, subtly or sometimes not so subtly, affects the classroom dynamic of … Continue reading

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