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My new stuff last month

Have just linked to some of this, but if you look at it the glass half full way that means most of it is being mentioned for the first time… Articles Teaching countable and uncountable nouns (almost certainly not the way … Continue reading

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Business worksheets fully PDFed

Yes yes, I know giving worksheets in a printable form is the absolute minimum and I should have done it years ago, but anyway here they are: Business English games and other worksheets Also polished some up, deleted some crap … Continue reading

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Market Leader Intermediate New Edition worksheets

I’m teaching from this book yet again, so have polished up my worksheet pages while trying to remember what I used to do with it. It’s a work in progress, but if you click on any of the unit index … Continue reading

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New ELT photocopiables April 2011

Many thanks again to  for putting these up, and for motivating me to do answer keys etc – something my students are appreciating too! In no particular order: Teleconferences and video conferences stages game (a much neglected point made … Continue reading

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New photocopiable worksheets March 2011 Part Two

These are just in reverse chronological order by when they went up, so you’ll need to use your skimming and scanning skills. A couple each on the topics of relationships, proverbs, how to say numbers, business English and BULATS (again). … Continue reading

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Business English handouts for Present Simple/ Present Continuous

Mainly just a reorganisation with just a couple of new ones, but that makes a grand total of nine, which is more than I know of anywhere else… Business English grammar – Present tenses Them all being on one page … Continue reading

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New EFL worksheets November 2010

November 2010 Part One and Only (a bit more realistic than usual about my blogging abilities this month…) Starting and Ending Meetings (loads of lovely Business English functional language) Language of trends- Your week and life (personalisation for this vital IELTS … Continue reading

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New fun classroom handouts May 2010 Part One

Adjectives compare your weeks Body parts definitions game Business prepositions pairwork (making preps fun and hopefully making connections) Meetings and negotiations prepositions and articles (all that tricky stuff with one fun game!) Conditionals review sentence completition guessing game Next weekend … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic communication games March 2010 Part Three

It suddenly occured to me that when I argue with people about the value of worksheets, we are often basically not talking about the same thing. I don’t do gapfills and other mechanical written grammar and vocab exercises in class … Continue reading

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Something for post-weekend

Inspired by the song “Something for the Weekend” by Divine Comedy, a list of all my talking about the weekend worksheets for Monday (or even Tuesday) lessons. No time to hyperlink them properly before Monday as I spent the time … Continue reading

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