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New page with my 26 articles on teaching speaking

My articles on teaching speaking There are also links from there to pages with my many articles on teaching functional language and oral practice for particular grammar points.

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Substandard TEFL tied to another international sporting event

That’s right, EF (“EF English Frenchfries – the world’s most notorious ‘educational’ group”) have proven that they are indeed the Macdonalds of TEFL by being signed up to teach the entire population of Tatarstan before the Sochi Winter Olympic Games … Continue reading

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Hungary to both weaken and strengthen the influence of English?

A few rather “interesting” proposals from the “interesting” sounding Hungarian minister of education: – Have all students studying three foreign languages, with Latin as the compulsory third one – Encourage people to study Romance languages before English – Demand an … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Czech Republic- Then and Now

A guest piece from John of Rogers is (Soon to Be) in Qatar blog, who is soon not to be in the Czech Republic and so very kindly agreed to write a summary of his experiences for TEFLtastic: “The Czech … Continue reading

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The best of English Teacher X Part Two

1. “I was overcome with panic and wanted to run. . .but I’d already run, and here I was” English Teacher Q on his first ever English lesson, after trying to escape it all in Bangkok 2. “I walk into … Continue reading

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Cambridge ESOL pops up in the strangest places

“Cambridge University Press had committed to publishing the book with minor revisions, and then they suddenly decided not to publish the book. They had committed to it and suddenly changed their minds. Prof Herzfeld was on the editorial board of … Continue reading

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TEFL as extended adventure holiday Quote of the day

“They haven’t put a TEFL volunteer in Saranda since 1997, when the volunteer there had to escape via ferry to Corfu when the country erupted into civil war. His escape is profiled in the History Channel series Getting out Alive.”

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Distance learning Quote of the day

‘to me, “distance learning” means an unusually long classroom

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English teacher presents past perfect, fights for freedom

Although I often feel disappointed with the lack of any social value in my life of teaching adverbs of frequency to spoiled teenagers who want to be dolphin trainers and finding grammar points in Friends videos and typing up worksheets, it … Continue reading

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Guest Writer Number 4- Sharon McCulloch from "somewhere out East"

Sharon has written a very nice piece of working and living “somewhere out East”, back when they really still meant something mysterious… Enjoy! Living “somewhere out East”  Budapest – the very name, like Belgrade and Warsaw, conjured up images of espionage and … Continue reading

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