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What does Brexit mean for TEFL?

The answer is, of course, that nobody knows because it all depends on various negotiations and maybe individual policies of the countries involved on working visas, but here are some possibilities: Americans finally have equal opportunities with Brits when it comes to … Continue reading

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Almost all Politecnico di Milano degrees in English from next academic year

Italy being Italy, sounds like it took some doing to introduce the change: Milan University to teach most degrees in English on, from an original story in La Repubblica.

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Expect a flood of criminal TEFLers to a school near you

According to the EL Gazette all British Council inspected schools in the UK will need to conduct criminal record checks from 2014, so if the country or school you are in doesn’t insist on such checks a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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New page with my 26 articles on teaching speaking

My articles on teaching speaking There are also links from there to pages with my many articles on teaching functional language and oral practice for particular grammar points.

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Even the Danish planning to start English younger

Despite a complete lack of evidence that either is needed or will help: School reform calls for English in first grade (sigh) However, it must also be said that the arguments used by governments for scrapping English in primary schools … Continue reading

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London summer schools down 35 percent in 2012

No info on where that stat came from nor conclusions on whether it was mainly the Olympics or something else, but still… Were the Olympics bad for (TEFL) business? Loads more TEFL stats via the tag of that name below.

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Plenty of TEFL jobs in Spain despite the recession?

This piece of PR fluff not even trying to pretend to be journalism doesn’t provide any evidence at all for its claim that  “there is currently a high demand for English teachers here”, but it is certainly conceivable when even … Continue reading

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Action for ESOL

I’ve never really had any involvement with the ESOL* world in the UK, but it was the topic of one of the best ever guest posts that I’ve published here. It also looks like that side of learning English is … Continue reading

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New articles on teaching English to adults and kids July 2012

Been a while since I did one of these posts, so quite a long list this time. Young learners Adding useful language to craftwork activities – LINK FIXED Fun food lessons for kids Teaching shapes to EFL kids – LINK FIXED Teaching … Continue reading

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Minimal pairs for Spanish speaking learners of English

Ones in blue linked to graded lists of minimal pairs. Will add more as more lists go up. Article on pronunciation for Spanish speakers also now available here. Updated 19 July 2020. If you like this and want more, please … Continue reading

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