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6 Ways TEFL Certificate Course Providers Try to Rip You Off Part 5 – Slippery Accreditation, Multiple Websites

By popular guest writer “TEFLista” “The accreditation and marketing practices used by some course providers can be more slippery than a freshly buttered ice rink. In a world where sales often come first and the truth comes second, avoiding dodgy … Continue reading

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The many layers of TEFL accreditation

I first came across SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand as they were one of the schools that a commenter said seemed to be responding positively to my complaints about how the IATEFL TEFL logo and name were being used. … Continue reading

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TEFL accreditation Part One – ODLQC

ODLQC is The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council and is a former UK government organisation founded in 1969 that is now a non-profit organisation that offers its service to accredit courses including online TEFL certs. Sounds pretty impressive, and … Continue reading

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The end of accreditation?

A guest piece by Jason West of English Out There: “In my opinion accreditation is now an anachonism. The path that most ‘self-regulating’ accrediting bodies take is counter productive to their collective and continued good health. When you get a … Continue reading

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TESOL International Association set ridiculously low standards for short TEFL courses

God knows something needs to be done to raise the standards of the typical 120-hour-ish TEFL courses that dominate our industry, but TESOL (the larger American version of IATEFL) have quite possibly acheived the opposite with their current attempt. From … Continue reading

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If you want to know how dodgy a TEFL course is, all you usually need to do is look at the accreditation page and look for these typical signs: – Mention of membership of IATEFL (which is available to literally … Continue reading

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The TEFL Blame Game

A recent typically involving discussion on ELT Jam turned about halfway through into a version of my new favourite comedy podcast The Blame Game. Instead of questions like “Who do you blame for Jeremy Paxman?”, the TEFL version had questions … Continue reading

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“The TEFL University” – as dodgy as it sounds?

The founder/ owner of “The TEFL University” seems genuinely keen to give stuff away for free or cheap (including other people’s stuff – see below), but unfortunately I still recommend giving this site and its courses a wide berth. Here … Continue reading

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Guardian still up to their TEFL advertorial tricks

I’d just finished a story on the end of Guardian TEFL Update for TEFL News via TEFLnet when into my inbox popped a Google alert for a piece in that very same paper called How to Choose a TEFL Course That’s Right For … Continue reading

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EOT against OUP

Regular interviewee (!) Jason West of English Out There is launching an online campaign against Oxford University Press. Here is the promised interview in which he explains how and why:  What exactly is your complaint against OUP? Without using legal terminology the … Continue reading

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