New TEFL stuff 2022 H1*

Much less stuff than in the good ole days, but hopefully less quantity finally means more quality. Latest items top of each section.

New TEFL e-book

Teaching IELTS Speaking: Interactive Classroom Activities (over 300 pages on tips, vocabulary, functional language phrases, feedback, etc on IELTS Speaking Parts 1, 2 and 3)

New TEFL articles 2022 Part One

How to teach link verbs/copula verbs

How to teach like and be like

How to teach like, be like and look like

How to teach verbs of senses

How to teach consonant clusters to EFL learners

How to teach defining relative clauses

How to teach reduced relative clauses

New TEFL PDFs 2022 Part One

Starting academic writing determiners pairwork

Describing things with prepositions games

Needs analysis extended speaking and instant practice

Possessive adjectives brainstorming games

Useful phrases for reports sentence completion games

Determiners in names of places speaking activities

Positive and negative question tags card games

Good and taboo questions with irregular plurals

Starting and ending conversations simplest responses game

Requests and offers in business meetings imperative practice

Verbs of sensation discuss and agree

Likes and dislikes guessing objects games

Verbs of sensation discussion questions

Personalised instant roleplays

Superlative adjectives discuss and agree

Online meetings discussion and brainstorming

Guess the country warmer cooler

Participle clauses personalised sentence completion games

Strong and weak medical advice

School vocabulary things in common

Participle clauses storytelling game

Needs analysis extended speaking

Personalised instant roleplays for logistics

Business communication needs analysis and instant personalised practice

English for logistics needs analysis and instant personalised practice

*My attempt to start a “Q1”-style abbreviation for “first half of the year”, so I can also use H2 the next time I forget to do a quarterly update…

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