The most TEFLtastic worksheets of 2021

As the TEFL blog boom years during which I started TEFLtastic fade further from view and more social-media-savvy generations have taken over, I more and more picture myself as an ageing rock star saying “We feel like our new album is our best ever” while everyone just wants the same old hits or are surprised you are still alive. Unlike the Rolling Stones, however, I am correct when I say that right now I am definitely producing the best work of my life by far(and certainly much better than the crap I was churning out when I first went online). Anyway, you can be the judge of that, with a selection of what I consider to be the cream of that new crop. As with previous years, this list is mainly my own personal preferences, but I’ve also included a few that were surprisingly popular and I also think are not too bad. And if those aren’t enough or aren’t good enough, there are also the materials I think are good enough to be worth paying for.

Which thing had already happened? Past Perfect trivia quiz

Classroom language for Zoom lessons New version

What were people doing? Past Continuous trivia quiz

Can you eat your house? abilities mix and match

Prepositions of position mix and match

How long had…? Past Perfect trivia quiz

Weather vocabulary bluffing game

Good and taboo Present Perfect Simple and Continuous questions

Good and taboo Present Continuous questions

Good and taboo Past Continuous questions

Appearance words storytelling task

IELTS Writing Task 2 prepositions and determiners pairwork

IELTS Writing Task 1 prepositions and determiners pairwork

Business reports disappearing text

Emailing rotating revision board game

Social English rotating revision board game

Be used to and get used to sentence completion games (bluffing, things in common and guessing game)

Past numbers trivia board game narrative tenses review

Email enquiries disappearing text memory game

Starting and ending conversations disappearing text memory game

Prepositions of position things in common speaking

Good and taboo questions with Have Something Done

Emailing prepositions and determiners pairwork

Presentations prepositions and determiners pairwork

Good and taboo countable and uncountable questions

Ordinal numbers trivia quiz

Socialising prepositions and determiners pairwork

Nouns which are both countable and uncountable pictionary

Used to, be used to and get used to sentence completion games

Used to, be used to and get used to discuss and agree

ed and ing adjectives bluffing games

Too and enough discuss and agree

Basic adjectives make me say ‘Yes’

Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley quantifiers practice

Body vocabulary bluffing game

There is & there are guess the place

UK or USA? British and American English trivia quiz

Imperative practice ball games

Some and any things in common speaking

Telephoning determiners and prepositions pairwork

How many… did…? trivia quiz irregular Past Simple practice

How many with irregular plurals trivia quiz

Strong and weak opinions on the news and media

Family members trivia quiz

How often trivia quiz

Time of day trivia quiz

There is/ are + Xmas vocabulary drawing game

Passive voice numbers quiz

Used to trivia quiz

Good and taboo passive voice questions

Good and taboo Past Simple questions

Enquiries about Zoom emailing lesson 

Directions flashcard memory game

Festivals and celebrations vocabulary and discussion

Business Result Pre-Intermediate revision games

A and An mini-presentations

Classroom vocabulary first letters games

Talking about seasons with adverbs of frequency

COVID-compliant invitations lesson

Weather and advice practice

Telecommuting policies roleplay meeting 

Life events guessing and bluffing

Personal questions with appearance words

Jobs vocabulary random pelmanism

Short answers quick folding game (a great new variation on the Simplest Responses game)

Opinions on current affairs vocabulary

ed and ing adjectives coin games

How many… have? simple numbers quiz

How many times Present Perfect and Past Simple trivia quiz

Is there & Are there spelling games

Where is…? I don’t know game

Talking about cultural differences with ‘be used to’ and ‘get used to’

British or American food and drink trivia quiz

Adverbs of frequency good and taboo questions coin game

Is there/Are there Trivia Quiz

Giving medical advice Present Perfect practice

Ordering products on the phone line by line disappearing text

Gradable and extreme adjectives guessing game (with modals of deduction)

Guess the medical problems from the advice

Verbs of sensation mini-presentations

British or American transport trivia quiz

British and American household vocabulary quiz

British or American fashion trivia quiz

Talking about life changes with be used to/ get used to

Changes to culture be used to/ get used to discussion

Talking about problems and solutions with quantifiers

Be used to and get used to ranking discussion

Be used to and get used to dice games

Emails from other countries guess the place

Who in this class…? superlatives practice

Medical controversies vocabulary and discussion

Learning and using English ranking language practice

What places used to be called trivia quiz

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