New TEFL PDFs and articles autumn 2021

Favourite and/ or newest stuff that I haven’t mentioned yet top of each section.

New TEFL articles autumn 2021

How to teach defining and non-defining relative clauses

How to teach a/ an and the

How to teach relative pronouns

How to teach much, many, a lot, etc

New TEFL photocopiables autumn 2021

Short answers quick folding game (a great new variation on the Simplest Responses game)

Starting and ending conversations disappearing text memory game

Telecommuting policies roleplay meeting 

Emails from other countries guess the place

Verbs of sensation mini-presentations

Talking about seasons for adverbs of frequency

Opinions on current affairs vocabulary

Basic adjectives make me say ‘Yes’

Prepositions of position things in common speaking

Festivals and celebrations vocabulary and speaking

Giving medical advice Present Perfect practice

Who in this class…? superlatives practice

Imperative practice ball games

Medical controversies vocabulary and discussion

Good and taboo Present Progressive questions

Talking about problems and solutions with quantifiers

Some and any things in common speaking

Emailing prepositions and determiners pairwork

Telephoning determiners and prepositions pairwork

Good and taboo Past Progressive questions

Too and enough in fixed phrases activities, collocations and proverbs

Enquiries about Zoom emailing lesson 

Zoom vocabulary checking/ clarifying practice and presentation

IELTS Writing Task Two on architecture and town planning

and over 300 pages more in my new e-book.

If that’s not enough, the same for summer is here.

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