New TEFL photocopiables and articles summer 2021

While you were all enjoying spending your summer holidays sitting around at home doing nothing, I was enjoying mine sitting around at home doing nothing but writing about TEFL. And here are the results:

New TEFL articles summer 2021

Most recent top:

How to teach quantifiers

How to teach some and any

How to teach too and enough

Fun for all the family 3 – Quite a few games for articles and determiners (new version)

How to teach the zero article

How to teach indefinite articles

New TEFL PDFs summer 2021

Personal favourites which I haven’t mentioned before top:

Body vocabulary bluffing game

A and An mini-presentations

Presentations prepositions and determiners pairwork

Ordinal numbers trivia quiz

Appearance words storytelling task

Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley quantifiers practice

Strong and weak opinions on the news and media

Good and taboo Present Perfect Simple and Continuous questions

Weather and advice practice

IELTS Writing Task 2 prepositions and determiners pairwork

IELTS Writing Task 1 prepositions and determiners pairwork

Learning and using English ranking language practice

Good and taboo Past Simple questions

Nouns which are both countable and uncountable pictionary

Good and taboo questions with Have Something Done

Present Continuous and prepositions of place mix and match

Good and taboo countable and uncountable questions

Good and taboo passive voice questions

Adverbs of frequency good and taboo questions coin game

Too and enough discuss and agree

Socialising prepositions and determiners pairwork

Used to, be used to and get used to sentence completion games

Used to, be used to and get used to discuss and agree

Past numbers trivia board game narrative tenses review

Zero article key word activities

Discussing manners with -ed and -ing adjectives

Seasons vocabulary stations game

Wh- spelling and pronunciation activities

Sc- spelling and pronunciation activities

IELTS Writing Task Two on technology

IELTS Writing Task Two on television, news and current affairs

IELTS Writing Task 2 on Nature

COVID-compliant invitations lesson

Classroom language for Zoom lessons New version

All of these are also listed in my relevant worksheets index pages.

A previous list with links to even older lists including the best of last year is here.

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