Three new kinds of TEFL board game

I came up with the first of these as part of my trivia quizzes boom, and used it to make this narrative tenses board game. Students work their way around a board game by guessing numbers. On each square they start with six points and lose one point for each wrong guess as they try to say how many of something there is, how much of something there was, how long something has lasted, etc. After each guess, their partner gives them hints like “(The real number is) much higher/ slightly longer/ quite a lot more often”. After they have guessed the exact number, they move one square for each point they had left when they guessed the number correctly, e.g. three squares if their fourth guess was correct. This board game could be used as fun variation on any of my numbers pairwork guessing games.

A more flexible version of this is for students to give each other multiple choice options and for the person whose turn it is to get one point for each option which is still left when they get the right answer. For example, one student could say “I have BLANK comics”, and give the four options “a”, “two”, “some” and “a lot of”. If their partner takes three turns to guess that the correct answer is “some”, they can move two squares (because there were two options left when they guessed correctly), but if they guess correctly first time, they can move four squares. This can work with personalised options, with factual answers such as trivia, or simple language tasks like guessing the right prepositions to make phrasal verbs. Although I haven’t made one of these yet, it’s probably my favourite variation as students always eventually guess correctly and move at least one square each time. Am planning to do a Use of English Part One version of this soon if I have time.

Thirdly, either of these can also work without any hints, with students just having (say) six chances to guess something right, then moving squares according to the same scheme:

First guess right = move six squares

Second guess right = move five squares

Third guess right = move four squares


63 more board games here and 48 other TEFLtastic classics here. And if you’d like me to have more time to make more photocopiable examples, please support TEFLtastic.

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