New TEFL stuff 2021 Part One

Newest ones that I haven’t mentioned before top of each section.

New TEFL e-book

Teaching IELTS Writing: Interactive Classroom Activities

New TEFL articles spring 2021

How to make a personal connection in presentations

How to be friendly on the phone in English

100 common mistakes with starting and ending emails

How to teach used to, be used to and get used to

How to teach be used to and get used to

New TEFL photocopiables spring 2021

Directions flashcard memory game

Passive voice numbers quiz

Prepositions of position mix and match

There is & there are guess the place

Gradable and extreme adjectives guessing game (with modals of deduction)

Can you eat your house? abilities mix and match

ed and ing adjectives bluffing games

Weather vocabulary bluffing game

ed and ing adjectives coin games

Classroom vocabulary first letters games

Reported speech and determiners in names of places speaking activities

Generic brands vocabulary and speaking

Is there & Are there spelling games

Used to trivia quiz

How many… did…? trivia quiz irregular Past Simple practice

Family members trivia quiz

How often trivia quiz

British or American transport trivia quiz

UK or USA? British and American English trivia quiz

British and American household vocabulary quiz

How many… have? simple numbers quiz

How many times Present Perfect and Past Simple trivia quiz

British or American fashion trivia quiz

British or American food and drink trivia quiz

How many with irregular plurals trivia quiz

How long had…? Past Perfect trivia quiz

Which thing had already happened Past Perfect trivia quiz

What were people doing? Past Continuous trivia quiz

What places used to be called trivia quiz

Where is…? I don’t know game

Is there/Are there Trivia Quiz

Time of Day Trivia Quiz

Insurance trivia numbers pairwork

Metals industry pairwork numbers guessing game

Be used to and get used to ranking discussion

Be used to and get used to sentence completion games (bluffing, things in common and guessing game)

Be used to and get used to dice games

Talking about cultural differences with ‘be used to’ and ‘get used to’

Talking about life changes with be used to get used to

Changes to culture be used to get used to discussion

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