The most TEFLtastic photocopiables of 2020

Following on from my list of top articles from last year, here are the PDFs that I am most likely to use again in my own classes. In addition, there are over 900 pages of photocopiables in my three new e-books of 2020, at least two thirds of which were brand new.

How many are there? trivia quiz

Classroom language for Zoom classes activities

Can a Kangaroo Drink your Blood? animal abilities mix and match

Direct, indirect and taboo small talk questions

Good and bad subject questions speaking game

Words with silent letters discussion questions

Opinions on the news and media

IELTS Speaking Part Three functions card game

Subject questions trivia quizzes

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous small talk

Present Progressive for the present and future simplest responses game

Recommendations and invitations for visitors review

Positive and negative responses in a restaurant games

Dictating longer and longer checking/ clarifying games

Does the American Flag Have Eleven Eyes? have with numbers mix and match

Silent letters secret message code game

Do you want…? phonics games

How many… are there? spelling games

Is a Cockroach Pretty? adjectives and animals mix and match

Times discuss and agree (discussion to practise time expressions)

Giving directions coin games

Silent letters storytelling activity

Silent letters pelmanism and snap

Is a Diamond Louder than the Pyramids? comparative adjectives mix and match

Unreal past sentence completion games

Subject questions discussion activities

Stronger and weaker hedging language

Reporting on reports (useful language for talking about and writing reports, including hedging/ generalising)

Gerunds and infinitives storytelling activity

Is a Rainbow Brown? colours mix and match

First contact brainstorming and jigsaw and First contact functions card game (email, telephone and face to face)

Language learning materials reviews (learner training and useful vocabulary for reviews)

Ranking weak and strong opinion phrases

Classroom instructions numbers and word recognition TPR practice

Mr Men daily routines activities

Adverbs of manner games

Colours guessing game

Do You Wash the TV at Seven O’Clock? questions about daily routines mix and match

Family vocabulary and possessive S reversi memory game

Film, book and song titles with subject questions

Feelings adjectives sounds game (with gradable and extreme adjectives)

Verb plus gerund and infinitive sentence completion games

Inversion presentation and practice

Don’t Slap Your Teacher classroom instructions imperative mix and match

Business acronyms and abbreviations presentation

Words with silent letters hangman

Life events vocabulary speaking (ask and tell coin game and storytelling, with collocations and word formation practice)

Different ways of saying numbers reversi memory game

Should and should have things in common

Words with silent letters the same or different

Silent letters odd one out game

Design an aquarium (with lots of sea life vocabulary)

Be with nouns and adjectives games

CPE Use of English sentence transformations on speculating language

Does he/ she/ it have…? drawing and coin games

Colours, numbers and shapes collaborative drawing game

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) Use of English practice of inversion (mainly for sentence transformations, but including other parts too)

Silent letters and rhyming words activities

Reported speech the same or different

Are you…? Hangman

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) Use of English Part Three word formation hangman

Meeting people and small talk yes/no questions games (a nice warmer for social English and yes/ no questions)

Meeting for the first time and again needs analysis and questions review (a nice first lesson for social English, question formation, or indeed any course where students are meeting you or each other for the first time)

Describing social issues with the passive voice

Names of jobs subject questions quiz

Suffixes for describing people subject questions quiz

Animals guessing game and discussion

How questions and answers the same or different

Prepositions of time pairwork guessing game

Subject questions drawing game (with animal vocabulary and clothes vocabulary)

Subject questions about this class

Subject questions personalised quizzes

Indirect questions dice game

Is there & Are there plus prepositions mix and match

Indirect questions extended speaking

How questions practice roleplays

Time flashcard memory games

How questions simplest responses game

Reporting verbs the same or different

People related to crime subject questions quiz

Silent letters and homophones

Is it a/ an…? with adjectives pick and draw

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing game

Verb patterns with reporting verbs activities

Describing festivals and celebrations subject questions practice

Weather, clothes, times and Present Continuous mix and match

Past, present and future weekends storytelling

Adverbs of frequency and likes/ dislikes

House, family and prepositions games

Present Perfect and the future sentence completion games

Present Continuous and like with -ing sounds and questions

Life events vocabulary speaking

Small talk questions with how roleplays

Is there…? Are there any…? coin drawing game

It is/ They are with adjectives pick and draw

Whose…? possessive adjectives drawing games

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) Use of English Part 4 Sentence Transformations on verb patterns

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