The most TEFLtastic articles of 2020

I spent more time writing e-books than articles in 2020, but I guess 17 articles and two lists of vital phrases is not too shabbyfor one year. Listed with my favourites top (as I’m afraid I have no info on other people’s preferences). The always popular list of top PDFs of the year is coming up in the next post.

Cultural differences in emailing

How to teach Social English

How to teach conversational reactions (“That’s a shame”, “No way!”, etc – often the missing step in student conversations)

100 polite telephoning dos and don’ts

How to deal with difficult questions in a presentation

100 common telephoning mistakes

How to teach starting and ending conversations

How to teach reporting verbs (by far the most important and useful part of reported speech)

How to teach silent letters to EFL learners

How to teach question formation (basic object questions, subject questions, indirect questions/ embedded questions, etc)

How to teach verb plus gerund and infinitive

How to teach imperatives

How to teach subject questions

How to teach indirect questions

How to teach English greetings

41 ways to say goodbye in English

35 ways to say hello in English

The 100 most useful phrases for starting emails

The 100 most useful phrases for ending emails

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