TEFLtastic Classics update

My last post was mostly of a promise of things to come, so I thought I’d prove that it was worth coming back with an update on how many links my other TEFLtastic Classics posts have accumulated over the years. Most numerous top:

85 EFL drawing games

64 EFL board games

60 simplest responses games

54 EFL bluffing games/ lying games

50 snap and pelmanism in EFL classes links

47 coin games for EFL classes

46 EFL dice games

46 alternative error correction techniques and materials

45 learning grammar through body language and gestures links

44 EFL finding things in common games

39 The Same or Different games

33 EFL jigsaw games

31 extended speaking PDFs

30 giving advice activites to practise other language PDFs

30 EFL sentence completion games

25 TEFL reversi/ TEFL Othello PDFs

24 rotating revision board games

24 prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing games

21 longer phrases card games

21 key words card games

20 tips and useful phrases PDFs

19 small talk for specific language points PDFs

19 politeness competition games

19 functions card games

19 discussing your week(end) to practise particular language worksheets

15 ask and tell personalised questions coin game

14 make me say yes game PDFs

14 cultural differences and useful phrases PDFs

13 TEFL dominoes PDFs

13 numbers pairwork guessing game PDFs

10 good and bad responses PDFs

10 disappearing text memory game PDFs

8 accusations game PDFs

8 meeting criteria game PDFs

8 list dictation guessing game PDFs

8 discuss and agree PDFs

It strikes me that some of those near the bottom like Discuss and Agree have the potential to be as horribly over-exploited as the ones near the top, so expect many more updates soon.

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1 Response to TEFLtastic Classics update

  1. Rachel Tsateri says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing !!👏👏

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