New TEFL stuff summer 2020

This is usually the time of year when I prove how busy I’ve been while the rest of you have been dossing off on the beach or getting paid to herd around kids in identical backpacks, and also make sure you don’t miss stuff that’s appeared while you’ve had better things to think about and which could be useful when you get back to the usual routine. Looking at the weird fluctuations of my blog stats (not that I often do that, of course), I’m guessing there is not yet a new normal in TEFL, so who knows how useful this could be this year… Anyway, here are the 32 new PDFs, five new articles (and kind of articles), and five new index pages, with the newest top of each section.

New TEFL e-books summer 2020

Teaching Presentation Skills: Interactive Classroom Activities


New TEFL articles summer 2020

How to teach silent letters to EFL learners

How to teach English greetings

41 ways to say goodbye in English

35 ways to say hello in English


New lists of useful language for EFL students and teachers

400 words with silent letters, arranged by level

and see the greetings stuff above


New TEFL photocopiables summer 2020

Words with silent letters hangman – NEW

Verbs with ‘back’problems and solutions

Verbs with ‘back’roleplays

Words with silent letters the same or different

Verb plus gerund and infinitive sentence completion games

Silent letters and homophones

Feelings adjectives sounds game (with gradable and extreme adjectives)

Silent letters storytelling activity

Silent letters odd one out game

Do you want…? phonics games

How many… are there? spelling games

Is it a/ an…? with adjectives pick and draw

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing game

Verb patterns with reporting verbs activities

Describing festivals and celebrations subject questions practice

Design an aquarium (with lots of sea life vocabulary)

Weather, clothes, times and Present Continuous mix and match

Gerunds and infinitives storytelling activity

Past, present and future weekends storytelling

Good and bad subject questions speaking game

Adverbs of frequency and likes/ dislikes

Indirect questions extended speaking

House, family and prepositions games

Be with nouns and adjectives games

Stronger and weaker hedging language

CPE Use of English sentence transformations on speculating language

Does he/ she/ it have…? drawing and coin games

Colours, numbers and shapes collaborative drawing game

Present Perfect and the future sentence completion games

Present Continuous and like with -ing sounds and questions

Should and should have things in common

Life events vocabulary speaking

How questions practice roleplays


New index pages summer 2020

Daily routines page

Silent letters page

Household vocabulary page

Business communication reviews page

Inversion page

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  1. Gordon Dobie says:

    Thank you for your great generosity. Wow!

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