New ideas for coronavirus changes for EFL classes

Perhaps to justify teaching face to face when the infection numbers are as high as during lockdown, my schools have introduced and proposed some additional measures that you and your schools could also consider. They are also looking for more similar ideas, if you have any.

  • Provide tongs for teachers to use while handling photocopies for students
  • Get students to fetch their own copies from the photocopier (so the teacher doesn’t handle them first)
  • Use old (pre-COVID 19) photocopies from the scrap paper tray to make disposable covers for classroom chairs and/ or tables
  • Get the teachers to type out what they are saying as they are saying it (to make up for the noise of open doors and extractor fans, the teacher speaking through a mask, etc – but also something that many students would appreciate having normally anyway)
  • Draw a mouth on the teacher’s mask (as it’s more difficult to fake-smile with your eyes)
  • Print out a lifesize colour photo of each teacher’s smiling face (always on the wall to make up for masking the real constant smile, or to hold up to give particular encouragement)
  • Train teachers in using even more extreme body language and gestures (thumbs way up in the air, etc, to make up for facial expressions being hidden)
  • Spend as much time in different rooms as possible (roleplaying not wanting to let someone into the room or not wanting to come in, roleplaying phoning someone before you come over to check that it’s okay to visit, doing a listening comprehension as if you are overhearing shouting neighbours through your wall, etc)
  • Put masks over the CD player and computer speakers (to get students used to how they will hear the teacher and other people speaking English from now on)
  • Put a clear plastic screen across the classroom between the teacher and students (as my student’s high school does), then get teachers to write on it with mirror writing (to get past not being able to properly read what is on the whiteboard behind that screen)
  • Put a GoPro camera under the teacher’s mask (to help with pronunciation work, and for students who had subconsciously been semi-lipreading to help with comprehension)
  • Provide a plastic “tongue glove” that teachers can put on so that they can safely take off their masks briefly to show mouth position
  • Film the teacher’s face with a heat-sensitive infrared camera (so that students can see their mouth position through their mask, but also so there is instant notice of the teacher becoming feverish)
  • Ban speaking in the teacher’s room (to stop spreading germs through droplets, but also useful to stop the spread of dissatisfaction with the present teaching situation)
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