New Teaching Telephoning e-book out now!

While the rest of you were taking up new hobbies and having Zoom parties (?), I used my lockdown to finally keep my promise to those who were kind enough to buy a copy of my one of my previous e-books by writing another. And here is the result:

Teaching Telephoning: Interactive Classroom Activities – NEW

It has over 300 pages of photocopiables on every aspect of using the phone for formal and friendly business and personal calls, including all your favourite TEFLtastic activities like jigsaw texts, coin and dice games, card games, and pairwork information gaps. There are also plenty of materials on language which is just as useful for other skills like small talk, checking/ clarifying and tense reviews.

Teaching Telephoning can be used for everything from a whole course for business students to just a one-off lesson for Elementary students who might use the phone in English someday, and I’ve hopefully kept it cheap enough that everyone can afford a copy, at less than a penny a page. Buying a copy will also help me continue the writing schedule that I started in lockdown and get some more useful worksheets, articles and e-books up. My latest project is finishing, polishing up and choosing the best of my hundreds of grammar worksheets for an e-book on teaching tenses, so I’m going to need some encouragement to get all the way through that!

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