Linking learner training and specific language points

I was wondering recently why my learner training page isn’t more popular, because what could be better than getting students to discuss how to learn a language while also practising the language point of the day? Then when I actually went on that page to add a new link, realised that it wasn’t really set up to make that double purpose clear. Have therefore now re-arranged it to make it easy to find worksheets for both the vocab, grammar or functions of the day and to get students sharing ideas for boosting their progress more generally. And have also put it all here:

Worksheets linking grammar and learner training

Comparative and superlative learner training worksheets

Self-study tips discussion comparative adjectives practice

The best ways to learn English (self-study discussion and superlatives presentation and practice)

Modal verbs learner training worksheets

Language learning advice modal verbs practice

Needs analysis and language learning rules (modals)

Adverbs learner training worksheets

Discussion about language learning with adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of manner language learning discussion

New Year resolutions adverbs of frequency (going to for plans and learner training)

Other grammar practice learner training worksheets

Countable and uncountable nouns language learning discussion

Language learning problems and solutions verb patterns practice and presentation

Different ways of learning English relative clauses practice

Learning and using English monologues (with subject questions presentation)

Top language learning tips articles practice

Language problems with so, such, too and enough


Worksheets linking vocabulary and learner training

Language learning materials reviews (useful vocabulary for reviews and learner training discussion) – NEW

Movies vocabulary and self-study discussion


Worksheets linking functional language and learner training

Language learning preferences and desires

Learning and using English monologues active listening practice

Language learning likes and preferences (with self-study discussion and like and would like presentation)

Advice for language learning problems

Language learning opinions

Language learning advice modal verbs practice


Worksheets linking learner training and EFL exams

Self-study for FCE discussion (set up like a Speaking Part Three task)

FCE Speaking Part Three language learning tasks and useful phrases

FCE Speaking Part Four on communication and language learning

IELTS Speaking Part Three on the topic of language learning (self-study skills and opinions language, with typical question stems


42 more infinitely adaptable TEFL ideas here.

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