Dice games for specific language points (TEFLtastic classics part 16 revisited)

A sudden surge in popularity for my posts on small talk and talking about your week and weekend for specific language points has inspired me to rearrange my list of EFL dice game PDFs so that it is now organised by target language. (Not sure how it was organised before…)

Including a couple of brand new ones, there are now sections with at least a couple of photocopiable dice games for:

  • tenses (adverbs of frequency, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Present Perfect Continuous, narrative tenses, and Unreal Past)
  • other grammar (question formation, prepositions, superlative, can/ can’t, and gerunds)
  • likes and dislikes
  • small talk
  • functional language (arrangements, advice, restaurant language, directions, supporting arguments, and meetings)
  • telephoning, teleconferencing, and video conferencing
  • emailing
  • travel English
  • EFL exams (IELTS and FCE)
  • vocabulary (phrasal verbs, classroom objects, colours and objects).

Social distanced (real word?) versions include buying them a dice each (it’s ten for about a dollar in my local hundred yen shop) or the teacher rolling each time, maybe with an online dice roller. Or you could switch to coin games, as they should definitely have one coin each.

39 more TEFLtastic classics, including many similar coin games, are available here. If you like anything here and would like me to turn down crappy online teaching jobs and spend the time putting more useful stuff up here instead, please support TEFLtastic.

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1 Response to Dice games for specific language points (TEFLtastic classics part 16 revisited)

  1. alexcase says:

    Dice games also work well online, as you can roll a dice of various numbers of sides directly in Google just by searching for “roll a dice”. For a classroom with social distancing, you’ll need students to do the same on their smartphones, the teacher to roll the dice for everyone (with a physical dice or up on the screen), or dice only cost a pound for 10 or so, so you could just open a new packet and give them one each to use and then take home to keep.

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