Difficult to find TEFLtastic pages

When linking to the new indirect questions page in my last post, I suddenly realised how difficult it would be to find if I hadn’t mentioned it, what with being a sub-page of question formation, which for some reason I put in the grammar section. And here are many other TEFLtastic pages that I put in less than obvious places, along with where they are:

Likes and dislikes (for some reason in the functional language section)

Adjectives (in grammar, even though some are just using basic adjectives like “small” and so are more like vocab)

Adverbs (ditto)

Short answers (a sub-page of auxiliary verbs, for understandable but less than obvious reasons)

Purpose, cause and effect (in functional language, and not a sub-page of supporting your arguments, as you might expect)

Sharing personal experiences (ditto)

Meeting and greeting (in the functional language section, not social English where it probably should have been put)

Complaints and dealing with complaints (in the business functional language section)

Enquiries and dealing with enquiries (ditto)

Body language and gestures (in the cultural training section)

Festivals and celebrations (ditto)

Supernatural and superstitions (ditto)

Taboo topics (ditto)

Formal and informal page (it’s own page, not in functions as you might expect)

Directions page (in functions)

Storytelling page (in speaking, though there is a writing stories page in the writing section)

Days of the week (in time expressions)

History (in topics, a weird page which I created for stuff which isn’t quite vocabulary, but might scrap)

Social issues page (ditto)

Classroom language (in vocabulary, even though it’s half functional language)

Proverbs (in vocabulary, but not in idioms where maybe it should be)

Phonics (in young learners)

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3 Responses to Difficult to find TEFLtastic pages

  1. alexcase says:

    Also this, in speaking rather than topics where you might expect it to be:

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