New TEFL articles and printables spring 2019

Newest ones not mentioned before top of each section.

Lists of useful language

The big list of classroom language with gestures – NEW

New TEFL Articles

Using body language and gestures to teach grammar – NEW

52 TPR grammar games

The top six grammar points for IELTS

How to teach British and American English (summary of the articles on specific points like those below, with activities that work with a mix of grammar, vocab, functions, etc)

How to teach British and American times, dates and numbers

How to teach British and American vocabulary

32 bad IELTS tips


Movie vocabulary opinions – NEW

Travel English imperatives and requests practice

Countable and uncountable in IELTS

Phrasal verbs storytelling game

Giving directions free and controlled speaking

Gradable and extreme adjectives discussion questions

House and home likes and recommendations

Personality bluffing game

The future in IELTS writing

Clothes and appearance recommendations

Past, present and future in IELTS Writing Part One

Past regrets with should have and advice speaking

Social issues discuss and agree determiners speaking practice

Possessives, body and adjectives pick and draw

Requests and future forms review

Superlatives reversi memory game

Present Simple questions with be speaking

Likes and dislikes guessing game

Countable and uncountable nouns pick and draw

Describing people and things bluff

Adverbs of frequency and times dice bluff

Travel plans bluffing game

Feelings plus nouns pick and draw drawing game

Comparing places comparative adjectives random pelmanism game

News and media countable and uncountable

Adverbs in CAE and CPE Use of English Part One

Adverbs in CPE Use of English Part Three game

Positive and negative reviews language

Abilities of animals with can and can’t games

Prefixes opposites jigsaw

Weather adverbs of frequency

Singular, plural and uncountable in IELTS Listening

Future in IELTS Speaking and Writing

Fear vocabulary discussion


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