The most TEFLtastic photocopiables of 2018

In approximate order of how often I have used them and am likely to use them myself. They are all also on the pages for each topic, and mentioned in any relevant TEFLtastic Classics posts on the most adaptable TEFL games and activities.

Talking about the future The same or different?

Speaker or listener simplest responses game (turn taking and active listening) – NEW

Giving directions miming games

Giving directions drawing games

Opinions on travel vocabulary (with travel collocations)

Crime and punishment extended speaking bluffing game

Going to mimes

Time expressions meetings roleplay

Time expressions the same or different

Turn taking and active listening game

Solutions to countable and uncountable problems discussion

Academic writing cultural differences and useful phrases

Pick and act imperatives card game – NEW

Prepositions and determiners in Academic Writing pairwork guessing game

Passive voice problems and solutions speaking

Comparatives make me say yes game

Passive voice discuss and agree

Plurals simplest responses game

CPE Use of English collocations dominoes

Phrasal verbs random pelmanism game

Feelings- Miming & Drawing Game

Past time things in common

Telling the time warmer cooler guessing game

Comparatives make me say yes questions game

Ordinal numbers competitions

Singular and plural mimes

Verb patterns discussion questions

Country and nationality words drawing games

Academic writing error correction pairwork

Opinions on science and technology

This that these those pick and draw drawing game

Present and past ability sentence completion games

Comparative adjectives drawing games

Academic discussions prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing game

Simple irregular and regular plurals presentation

Business meetings vocabulary and turn taking practice

Passive voice Yes No questions games

Academic discussions cultural differences and useful phrases

Designing and selling inventions with passive voice

Verb patterns sentence completion guessing games

How British is your Technical English?

Phonics yes no questions pelmanism game

Can you questions personalised pelmanism game

Asking questions to get more details drawing game

Past, present and future listening (especially useful for TOEIC Listening)

Guess the future time predictions practice

Weather things in common game

Irregular plurals reversi memory game

Regular and irregular plurals storytelling

British and American technical English collocations dominoes

Spot the odd one out ordinal numbers practice

Telephoning challenges dice game

Meetings dice game

A and an drawing games

Is and are drawing game

Are they… or…? TPR games

Was were past time guessing game

Possessive adjectives pick and draw drawing game

Country and nationality words sentence completion games

Medical English present progressive mimes

Want and feelings guessing game

How many are there drawing game

Cultural differences extended speaking

Past and present modals of permission and obligation sentence completion games

Ordinal numbers flashcard memory games

Looking at both sides dominoes

Basic adjectives and nouns drawing games

Does he she like pick and draw drawing game

Like and don’t like TPR coin game

Prepositions and pronouns drawing game

Positive and negative words to talk about architecture

Adjectives and prepositions pick and draw

Possessives coin drawing game

Guess the dates from hints game

Which is plus comparative drawing game

Nationality word endings maze games

Nationality words syllables and stress card games (pelmanism and snap)

Dates the Same or Different game

Comparing animals random pelmanism

Days of the week flashcard memory game

Telephoning roleplays dice game

Travel English telephone roleplays dice game

Are they… or…? drawing games

Days of the week projects

Strong and weak opinions collocations dominoes

Opinions on health

Nationality word endings card games

Singular and plural competitions speaking game

Plurals of words ending In -y activities

Days of the week pick and draw drawing game

First contact and further contact dice game

Johnny Quickly, Jeremy Normal and Jimmy Quickly telling the time story

Days of the week Make me say Yes

Do you like categories pelmanism game

Yes no questions dice game

Different kinds of business communication dice game

Making arrangements roleplay dice game

Basic question formation dice game

Superlative adjectives dice bluffing game

Personal phone calls roleplays dice games

There is are and likes games

Giving directions on how to get somewhere dice game

Making shapes from blocks games

Stacking races games

Supporting your opinions dice games

Months hangman

Lucy Was Not Impressed months of the year story

Can and can’t drawing coin game

I Brushed My Teeth in January past time expressions poem (Present Perfect and Past Simple)

1999 was a Strange Year months story

12 Jobs a Year months story

There is/ There are stacking games

Names of months dominoes

Passive voice rhyming past participles poems activities

Present Perfect rhyming past participles poem activities

Months flashcard memory games

Environmental collocations first conditional pelmanism

Clothes and accessories to sell

Crime and punishment trends

Months battleships

John Finally Came First ordinal numbers story

Marketing discussion questions

Days of the week battleships

Ordinal number word dominoes

Ordinal number word jigsaw games

Put the days of the week in order

Number words dominoes

Days of the week dominoes

Put the months in order games

Feelings and want pelmanism card game

Explaining Japanese performing arts




Different meanings in British and American English jigsaw – NEW


Past and future opposites reversi memory game


IELTS Speaking Part Two dice game


Countable and uncountable nouns Answer Me questions game


Feelings and Present Continuous memory game

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    Thanks! This is very comprehensive!

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