The most TEFLtastic articles of 2018

As my last article of the year is already up, I thought I’d give a list of all the ones in 2018, in approximate order of how often I’ve been using those ideas in my own classes.

If you’ve found any of my teaching ideas or materials useful in 2018, it would really help if you could donate a couple of pounds by buying a copy of my e-book. This will allow me to continue updating, improving and expanding TEFLtastic next year, and if I can make a few more pounds it would also give me time to finish off some of my 12 half-finished e-books. Thanks for all your support in 2018, and all the best for 2019!

Dice games

How to teach British and American grammar

Having a ball – EFL ball games

Matching games part two – pelmanism

Stacks of fun: EFL blocks games

How to teach prepositions of time

How to teach giving and asking for directions

How to teach the language of feelings

How to teach telling the time in English

How to teach TOEIC Listening Part Two: Question Response

How to teach short answer

How to teach English plurals

How to teach irregular plurals

Matching games part one – TEFL dominoes

Teaching ordinal numbers to EFL learners

How to teach British and American spelling and punctuation – NEW

How to teach British and American functional language

British and American body language and gestures

How to teach months

How to teach days of the week in English

How to teach dates in English

How to teach past time expressions

How to teach future time expression

How to teach present time expressions

Blocks games for different language points

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