New TEFL stuff autumn 2018

Most recent top of each section

New teaching materials pages

Imperative games, worksheets, stories and songs

Quantifiers page

New TEFL articles

How to teach British and American functional language

How to teach giving and asking for directions

British and American body language and gestures

How to teach TOEIC Listening Part Two: Question Response

List of useful language for EFL teachers and learners

The 100 most useful acronyms for EFL learners

The 100 most useful abbreviations for EFL learners

New TEFL pdfs

Dates- Different or the Same game

Singular and Plural Competitions Speaking Game

Designing and Selling Inventions with Passive Voice

Verb Patterns Sentence Completion Guessing Games

Past and Future Opposites Reversi Memory Game

Opinions on Travel Vocabulary (with Travel Collocations)

Past, Present and Future Listening (especially useful for TOEIC Listening)

How British is your Technical English?

Days of the week Make me say Yes

Comparing animals random pelmanism

Crime & Punishment- Extended Speaking Bluffing Game

Can you questions personalised pelmanism game

Do you like categories pelmanism game

Phonics yes no questions pelmanism game

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