New TEFL stuff summer 2018

I had a real TEFL-free summer holiday this year for once, but not a bad haul before and after that. Newest ones that I haven’t mentioned before top of each section.

Lists of useful language

The 150 most useful Business English abbreviations

TEFL worksheets

Present or future? simplest responses game (including present and future time expressions and present and future meanings on Present Continuous) – NEW

Prepositions and determiners in Academic Writing pairwork guessing game

Singular and plural mimes

Spot the odd one out ordinal numbers practice

Turn taking and active listening game

Is and are drawing game

Ordinal numbers flashcard memory games

A and an drawing games

Medical English Present Progressive mimes

Comparatives make me say yes game

Passive voice discuss and agree

Plurals of words ending In -y activities

Plurals simplest responses game

CPE Use of English collocations dominoes

Number words dominoes

Looking at both sides dominoes

British and American technical English collocations dominoes

Time expressions the same or different

Time expressions meetings roleplay

Feelings pictionary/ mimes

Days of the week dominoes

Put the months in order games

Talking about the future The same or different?

26 feelings flashcards

Feelings and Present Continuous memory game

Feelings and want pelmanism card game

Past time things in common

TEFL articles

How to teach present time expressions

How to teach the language of feelings

How to teach past time expressions

How to teach future time expressions

And should be many more this autumn.

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2 Responses to New TEFL stuff summer 2018

  1. John BK Debnath says:

    Hi Alex,

    Something that is quite confusing for me, it has been for a few months.

    When I receive your posts via email, sometimes:

    * I can click on a link and go straight to a page (as in this example): new-tefl-stuff-summer-2018

    And other times

    * The link takes me to a page ( for which I have to log in (as is the case here): The 150 most useful Business English abbreviations

    It’s confusing and I don’t have a log in for Using (I’m not even sure if I’ve ever used it before), please advise,

    cheers, John BK Debnath

  2. alexcase says:

    Hi John

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It’s because most of my stuff goes up on UsingEnglish, which is someone else’s site. Even on there, none of the worksheets or articles for teachers are supposed to be members only, so please let me know if any of those are and I’ll contact the admin. It’s free and quite easy to sign up for UE if you want to access the few things there such as lists of useful language which are members only. The actual TEFLtastic worksheets like Turn Taking and Active Listening are on this blog and so open to everyone.

    Hope that answers your question.

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