Discuss and agree (TEFLtastic Classics Part 35)

Simplicity itself, and almost infinitely adaptable – students try to come to agreement with the words, phrases, gapped sentences, sentence stems, etc that you give them, making it like an opinions version of Things in Common. Then they try to remember and/ or analyse the language that they just used. Photocopiable examples:

Social issues discuss and agree determiners practice – NEW

Comparatives discuss and agree (including comparatives free speaking stage)

Passive voice discuss and agree

Present Simple and Continuous discuss and agree

Gradable and ungradable adjectives discuss and agree

Defining relative clauses discuss and agree

Comparing language discuss and agree

Sentence with “in case” discuss and agree

Others coming up (soon or eventually):

  • Academic discussions discuss and agree (for determiners practice)
  • Opinions phrases discuss and agree (for IELTS Writing Part Two and Speaking Part Three)
  • Business predictions discuss and agree
  • Cultural differences frequency expressions discuss and agree
  • Hedging language discuss and agree

And can be used for loads of other points.

34 more classic TEFL activities with 100s of pdf versions here.

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  1. Lorcan Flynn says:

    If you are ever passing Dormagen the pints are on me.

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