Make Me Say Yes game (TEFLtastic classics Part 30)

Updated 21 October 2020

The simplest game in the world – students get one point each time they can make their partners say “Yes” in answer to a personal Yes/ No question like “Can you swim?” and “Have you got any brothers and sisters?” The game also works well with them trying to get only “No” answers or only “I don’t know” answers with questions like “Have you ever been to space?” and “Does your grandmother like papaya?”, perhaps as a more amusing extension after the actual Make Me Say Yes version.

This is one of the best paper-free zero-prep instant activities, but students can also benefit from suggestions for topics, questions, etc, as in these example worksheets:

Adverbs of manner games (miming, make me say yes and ladder game) – NEW

Time expressions with Present Simple (frequency expressions and prepositions of time practised with Make Me Say Yes, Things in Common, and Answer Me games)

Xmas going to games (make me say yes, miming and guessing)

Days of the week make me say yes

Comparative make me say Yes

Countable and uncountable answer me (starting with countable and uncountable make me say yes)

Passive voice yes/ no questions games (make me say yes and you must say yes)

Colour words make me say personalised speaking game

Can/ can’t coin games (make me say yes, things in common, lying games)

Want to in different places

Country and nationality words with have, like and want Make me say yes game

Country and nationality words make me say yes

Past Simple make me say yes

There is and there are with prepositions make me say yes

Like and would like make me say yes

Should also work for:

Present Continuous (“Are you wearing pants?” etc)

Past Continuous (“Were you sleeping at three o’clock this morning?” etc)

Used to (“Did you use to like Power Rangers?” etc – with no points for “I still do”)

Phrasal verbs/ Idioms (“Do you get on with your maternal grandmother?”, etc)

Words describing people (“Are your local bin men noisy?”, “Do you have cousins?” etc)

Words for places (“Do you sometimes buy your lunch in a convenience store?”, “Is there a postbox near your house?”)

Household vocabulary (“Is there a television in front of your sofa?”, etc)

Future forms (“Do you want to change jobs?”, “Will your hair go grey?”, etc)

Present Simple/ frequency expressions (“Do you brush your teeth twice a day?” etc)

Colour vocabulary (“Do you have black shoes?”, “Do you like pink toys?”, etc)

Quantity expressions (“Do you have many Facebook friends?”, “Are there a couple of trees in your garden?”, etc)

Different short answers (“Have you got…?” for “Yes, I have”, “Did you… yesterday?” for “Yes, I did”, etc)

Conditionals (“Would you buy a helicopter if you had a billion pounds?”, “Do you take an umbrella if it’s cloudy but not raining?”, etc)

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