EFL classroom materials pages A to Z

A list of every index page on TEFLtastic. There are quite a few! If you like anything you find here and would like to help me help you with more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 10 April 2018

All index pages A to Z

Abbreviations page

Academic applications games/ worksheets – See University Applications below

Academic bios page

Academic discussions games/ worksheets

Academic emails page

Academic English (EAP) games/ worksheets

Academic English first lessons page

Academic Word List (AWL) games/ worksheets page

Academic writing functional language page

Academic writing worksheets

Acronyms page

Action vocabulary page

Active listening page

Advantages and disadvantages


Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of manner

Advice activities page

Animal vocabulary page

Apologising games/ worksheets page


Architectural English – See English for Architects below

Arrangements – See Making arrangements below

Art – See Art and Media and/or English for Artists below


Arts and media vocabulary page

Auxiliary verbs page

AWL games/ worksheets – See Academic Word List above

Beginning and ending conversations page

Body idioms page

Body language and gestures games/ worksheets

Body vocabulary page

Brainstorming in groups phrases page

British and American English games/ worksheets

British and American cultural page

British culture EFL materials page

BULATS first lessons

BULATS Speaking worksheets

BULATS Writing worksheets (reports, memos, emails etc)

Business advice/ recommendations page

Business comparatives and superlatives page

Business determiners page

Business cultural training

Business English games/ worksheets

Business English functions

Business first classes page

Business future tenses page

Business functional language reviews page

Business grammar

Business idioms page

Business modals page

Business opinions worksheets

Business past tenses page

Business prepositions page

Business Present Perfect page

Business present tenses page

Business pronunciation page

Business Result Pre-Intermediate

Business Result Intermediate

Business second conditional page

Business socialising page

Business tense review worksheets

Business vocabulary page

CAE page

Cambridge exams page

Cambridge First Certificate – See FCE below

Cambridge Proficiency – See CPE below

Can/ Can’t

Cause and effect – See Purpose, cause and effect below

Challenges 1

Character vocabulary – See Personality below

Checking/ clarifying worksheets page – See Clarifying/ checking below

Clarifying/ checking worksheets page

Classroom language page

Clothes vocabulary page

Collocations page

Colours page

Comparative adjectives games/ worksheets page

Comparatives and superlative adjectives

Comparing and contrasting

Complaints games and worksheets page

Complaining and dealing with complaints page

Compound nouns page


Conjunctions games/ worksheets – See Linking Expressions below

Continuous aspect

Conversation questions games/ worksheets – See Discussion Questions below

Count/ Non-count – See Countable and Uncountable Nouns below

Countable and uncountable nouns

Counting syllables games/ worksheets – See Syllables below

Country and nationality words page

Cover letters games/ worksheets – See CVs and cover letters below

CPE page

Crime page

Cultural training games/ worksheets for EFL classes

Current affairs/ News vocabulary page

Cutting Edge games/ worksheets

Cutting Edge Advanced

New Cutting Edge Elementary

New Cutting Edge Intermediate

Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate

New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate

CVs and cover letters page

Dates games, worksheets, stories and songs

Days of the week games/ worksheets

Days, months and dates games, worksheets, stories and songs – See Time Expressions below

Dealing with enquiries page

Defining your terms page

Dependent prepositions

Describing people

Describing places page

Design games/ worksheets – See English for Designers below


Directions games/ worksheets – See Giving Directions below

Discussion questions

EAP games/ worksheets – See Academic English above

EAP first lessons games/ worksheets – See Academic English First Lessons above

EAP writing games/ worksheets – See Academic Writing above

Economics page

-ed and -ing adjectives page

Education vocabulary page

EFL exams games, worksheets, videos and teaching tips

Emails and letters games/ worksheets page

Email error correction worksheets page

Emailing functional language worksheets page

Email paragraphing and punctuation worksheets page

Email vocabulary worksheets page

Emotions – See Feelings below

English File 1 games/ worksheets

English for architects games/ worksheets

English for artists games/ worksheets

English for designers games/ worksheets

English for engineers games/ worksheets – See Technical English games/ worksheets link below

English for landscape designers and gardeners games/ worksheets

English for medical staff games/ worksheets – See Medical English below

English for Specific Purposes games/ worksheets

English Land 1

English Land 2

Environment – See Nature below

ESP – See English for Specific Purposes above

Euphemisms page

Everybody Up 4

Examples games/ worksheets – See Giving Examples below

Experiences games/ worksheets – See Sharing Personal Experiences below

Extended speaking

Family vocabulary page

FCE page

Feelings page

Financial English page

First Certificate – See FCE above

First conditional

First lesson games/ worksheets

Focus on IELTS materials page

Food and drink cultural differences worksheets

Food and drink vocabulary page

Forgetting and remembering phrases page

Form filling worksheets page

Formal and informal language games/ worksheets

Formal and informal emails worksheets page

Friends video worksheets

Functional language games/ worksheets

Functional language for academic writing page

Functional language reviews page

Future continuous

Future desires

Future forms games/ worksheets – See Future Tenses below

Future Perfect games/ worksheets

Future plans games/ worksheets – See Going To below

Future tenses

Gardening – See English for Landscape Architect above

Generalising worksheets page

Gestures – See Body Language and Gestures above

Get something done – See Have Something Done below

Giving directions page

Giving examples phrases page

Going to

Gradable and extreme adjectives

Grammar games/ worksheets

Have/ Have got

Have something done/ Get something done

Headway Pre-Intermediate games/ worksheets

Hedging – See Generalising above


Homophones games/ worksheets page

HR page

Human resources page – See HR page above

Idioms page

Incredible English 1

Incredible English 2

IELTS Academic Writing games/ worksheets – See IELTS Writing below

IELTS page

IELTS first classes page

IELTS Graduation materials page

IELTS Listening page

IELTS Masterclass materials page

IELTS Objective Advanced materials page

IELTS Reading page

IELTS Speaking page

IELTS Writing page

Indirect speech games/ worksheets – See Reported Speech below

Infinitive of purpose

Inside Out games/ worksheets

Interrupting page

Invitations page

It is/ They are

Japanese learners of English games/ worksheets

Job applications page

Keynote Intermediate page

Korean learners of English games/ worksheets

Landmark Advanced games/ worksheets

Landscape Architecture – See English for Landscape Designers above

Language of trends games/ worksheets – See Trends below

Law – See Legal English below

Learner training games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Legal English games/ worksheets

Letters – See email and letters above

Likes and dislikes page

Linking expressions

Listening games/ worksheets

Looking at both sides games/ worksheets – See Advantages and Disadvantages above

Making arrangements page

Making complaints games/ worksheets – See Complaints above

Market Leader Intermediate page

Market Leader Pre-intermediate page

Market Leader Upper Intermediate page

Media vocabulary games/ worksheets – See Arts and Media above

Medical English games/ worksheets

Meeting and greeting page

Meeting people – See Meeting and greeting above

Meetings and negotiations

Minutes – See Writing Minutes below

Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission

Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction

Modal verbs

Months games/ worksheets – See Time Expressions below

Mixed conditionals

Mr Bean video worksheets

Narrative tenses games/ worksheets – See Past Tenses below

Nationality words games/ worksheets – See Country and Nationality words above

Natural English Intermediate games/ worksheets

Nature and the environment page

Needs analysis games/ worksheets


New Cutting Edge – See Cutting Edge above

New Headway Pre-Intermediate games/ worksheets

News vocabulary – See Current Affairs above

Numbers games, worksheets, stories and songs for EFL learners

OA vocabulary games/ worksheets – See Office Vocabulary below

OABC 1 – See Oxford Activity Book for Children 1 below

Offers page

Offers and requests page

Office vocabulary page

Opinions worksheets page

Opposites page

Ordinal numbers page– NEW PAGE

Oxford Activity Book for Children 1 (OABC 1) page

Passive voice

Past Continuous page

Past modals page

Past Perfect page

Past Perfect Simple games/ worksheets – See Past Perfect above

Past Progressive games/ worksheets – See Past Continuous above

Past Simple page

Past tenses

PC language page

Perfect aspect

Personal experiences page

Personality words page

Phrasal verbs page

Pingu worksheets

Plans games/ worksheets – See Going To above

Plural nouns page – NEW

Politically correct language games/ worksheets – See PC Language above


Possessive adjectives games/ worksheets

Possessive S games/ worksheets

Predictions games/ worksheets – See Will below

Preferences games/ worksheets – See Likes and Dislikes above


Prepositions in emails worksheets page

Prepositions of location – See Prepositions of Position below

Prepositions of movement

Prepositions of position

Prepositions of time

Present Continuous

Present Continuous for arrangements

Present Perfect

Present Perfect and Simple Past

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Simple – See Present Perfect above

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Present Simple

Present Simple and Continuous

Present tenses

Presentations games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Proficiency – See CPE above

Pronunciation games/ worksheets

Proverbs page

Punctuation worksheets page

Purpose, cause and effect page

Question formation

Reading games/ worksheets

Recommendations games/ worksheets – See Advice above

Relationships page

Relative clauses

Reports worksheets page

Reported speech/ Indirect speech

Requests page

Restaurant language page

Reviews games/ worksheets – See Writing Reviews below

Sales and Marketing page

Second conditional

Shapes page

Sharing personal experiences games/ worksheets – See Personal Experiences above

Shopping language page

Short answers page

Simple Past games/ worksheets – See Past Simple above

Simple Past/ Present Perfect – See Present Perfect and Simple Past above

Slang page

Small talk

Social English page

Social issues

Social studies – See Social Issues above

Socialising – See business socialising or social English above

Songs and music games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Speaking games/ worksheets

Speculating page

Sports vocabulary page

Stories for specific language points page


Subject questions

Suggestions games/ worksheets – See Advice above

Superlative adjectives games/ worksheets page

Superstitions worksheets

Supporting arguments

Supporting your opinions – See Supporting arguments above

Syllables games/ worksheets page

Taboo topics cultural training worksheets

Talking about your week and weekend worksheets

Teacher training games/ worksheets for TEFL teachers

Technical English/ English for engineers games/ worksheets

Teleconferencing and video conferencing games/ worksheets page

Telephone interviews – See Telephone job interviews below

Telephone job interviews page

Telephoning games, worksheets, articles and e-book

Telling the Time – NEW PAGE

Tense reviews

Thanking phrases page

There is/ are/ was/ were

They are – See It is/ They are above

Third conditional

Third person S

This/ that/ these/ those

Time – see Telling the Time above

Time expressions games, worksheets, stories and songs

TOEIC page

Topic-based games/ worksheets

Toy vocabulary page

Travel and tourism games/ worksheets

Trends games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Turn taking page

UK culture games/ worksheets – See British Culture above

UK and US culture games/ worksheets – See British and American Culture above

University applications worksheets

Unreal past

Used to page

Verb patterns

Video games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Video conferencing games/ worksheets – See Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing above

Vocabulary games/ worksheets

Wallace and Gromit video worksheets

Want/ Want to

Weather vocabulary page


Word formation page

Writing academic bios games/ worksheets – See Academic Bios above

Writing emails games/ worksheets – See Emails and Letters above

Writing games/ worksheets for EFL learners

Writing minutes worksheets page

Writing reports games/ worksheets – See Reports above

Writing reviews worksheets page

Writing stories worksheets page

Yes/ no questions page

Young learner games, worksheets, flashcards, stories and songs for EFL learner

Zero conditional


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8 Responses to EFL classroom materials pages A to Z

  1. liampennell says:

    You hero! Thanks Alex.

  2. alexcase says:

    If all that’s too much, there is also this list of just the grammar ones A to Z:

  3. John says:

    Hi Alex, I’m looking for some classroom games for pre-intermediate students related to the ‘verb + ing’ form (I probably won’t even use the word ‘gerund’ for this class). I need to specifically focus on the verb pattern. I found 1 game, the ‘like gerund dice game’. Just wondering if you have anything else you could point me to please?

    Thank you (also for your help previously), John

  4. alexcase says:

    Never heard of doing a lesson just on verb + verb with ing, but verb patterns including that here: https://tefltastic.wordpress.com/worksheets/grammar/verb-patterns/

  5. John says:

    Thanks again for your speedy reply 🙂

  6. John says:

    Actually, it’s only 1 question to 1 part of a lesson, the other TP students are doing the other 3 parts. This question is only about verb + gerund but I’ll need some other material as well to give the stds more practice

  7. Mel says:

    Alex, I just want to say a simple thank you for maintaining this website!

  8. alexcase says:

    You are very welcome. Spread the word!

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