New year, new name – (just) TEFLtastic

Although TEFLtastic was started up simply to help the owner/ editor of try out his (now long gone) blogging platform for teachers, I slowly worked out that I could host a whole site with the help of WordPress, and that worksheets were a lot more useful and welcome than navel gazing and attempts at humour. I therefore haven’t actually blogged for a while and was only keeping the name “TEFLtastic blog” out of habit and maybe the idea that I could dismiss all complaints about no answer keys etc with “What do you expect? It’s just a blog!”

Well, with thousands of pages of classroom materials and other publications and no actual blogging, it’s not just a blog, nor even a blog at all… So, from now on I will respond to all criticism with “Well, you get what you pay for!” and the name of the “site” is just:


Not having the word “blog” will hopefully also make it less embarrassing to look at in the teachers’ room.

If you’d like to take away my final excuse for less than perfect service, please Support TEFLtastic.

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