The best of 2016 – TEFL worksheets

Photocopiable classroom activities that I’d definitely use again, in no particular order:

Good & Bad Travel English Responses (like TOEIC listening with typical, and often amusing, mistakes and confusions)

Reported Speech Extended Speaking

Reported Speech Memory Challenge

Idioms Reversi Game

Vocabulary for describing British life list dictation

Fast food vocabulary roleplays

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie First Conditional stories

Travel English Telephone, Email and Face-to-Face Dice Game

Explaining food vocabulary defining relative clauses practice

Countable and Uncountable compare your days and weeks

Clothes and accessories random pelmanism

Concession and addition coin game 

Strong and weak opinions coin game 

Prepositions of position dice games

Giving opinions on music (with music vocabulary)

Opinions on architecture (with architecture vocabulary)

Opinions on art (with art vocabulary)

Environment generalisations and recommendations (with useful language for writing reports)

Health and exercise generalisations (with useful language for writing reports)

Prepositions Stacking Game

“Like” and “Be Like” Games

Family Extended Speaking & Active Listening Practice

Defining Relative Clauses Personalised Speaking Practice

Improving your English Discussion Verb Patterns practice

Describing Common Objects Passive Voice game

Country and Nationality Statements Bluffing Games

Like & Would Like Food Roleplay Dialogue

Different Ways of Learning English Relative Clause Practice

Newspapers and News Opinions and Vocabulary

Cambridge Proficiency sentence transformations reversi game

Country and nationality words reversi

Movies Vocabulary and Self-Study Discussion

Do You Like Animals Personalised Random Pelmanism Card Game

Be and Have for Describing Appearances games

Basic Personal Questions Coin Bluffing Game

Subject Questions Free Speaking

Reported Questions Games

Learning and Using English Extended Speaking with Subject Questions

Recommending arts and media

Body Idioms problems and solutions presentation and speaking

Third Person Statements Bluffing Coin Game

Will for Spontaneous Decisions getting reactions speaking game

Opposites Hangman Spelling and Guessing Game

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Part 4 Sentence Transformation Hangman

Dealing with problems and complaints- step by step roleplays

Travel English Simplest Responses and Key Words Games

Future tenses in telephoning roleplays and grammar presentation

Small talk after not meeting for a while


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