New Xmas worksheets

Updated 12 January 2017

More seasonal cheer for specific language points:

Xmas and New Year negotiations – NEW

Describing Japanese and British Xmas and New Year – NEW

Seasonal trends meetings practice (language of trends tied in with festivals and celebrations, starting with Xmas) – NEW

Xmas shopping roleplays (with typical phrases for shoppers and shop staff and lots of Xmas vocab)

Xmas food restaurant roleplays (with typical phrases for diners and servers)

Festivals and celebrations rules (discussing how a company should deal with seasonal events, starting with Xmas, for modal verbs)

Telephoning on festivals and celebrations (starting with ones about Xmas)

Business meetings on festivals and celebrations (starting with discussion of office rules around Xmas)

For older Xmas worksheets on future tenses, conditionals, passive, numbers, trends, past tenses, present tenses, etc, etc, see here:

Xmas and New Year games, worksheets, flashcards, videos, songs and teaching ideas


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