What does Brexit mean for TEFL?

The answer is, of course, that nobody knows because it all depends on various negotiations and maybe individual policies of the countries involved on working visas, but here are some possibilities:

  • Americans finally have equal opportunities with Brits when it comes to jobs in the EU
  • Thousands of British TEFLers have to explain away years of cash in hand payments and other lack of paperwork as they rush to become citizens of the EU countries where they are working
  • The lack of Brits teaching TEFL in Europe boosts working conditions for those who can legally remain
  • A flow of British TEFLers out of Europe and into Asia drags the working conditions over here even further down
  • The difficulty of getting visas to take TEFL courses in Europe means even more TEFL training in Thailand (of all places)
  • The downgrading of British TEFLers in Europe spells the end for Trinity Cert TESOL courses
  • EFL students in Europe get even more unwanted romantic attention from desperate English teachers, this time from ones who are desperate for a spouse visa
  • Schools in Europe finally stop using textbooks with useless Britishisms like “a flat” and “the lift”
  • For tax and trade reasons, EFL publishers in Greece finally have to stop pretending that they are really based in someone’s granny’s flat in the suburbs of London
  • The EU makes British publishers pay for their continual misuse of the word “CEFR” on all their textbooks
  • British TEFLers join British footballers and 81% of all Americans in trying to find any reason they can to pretend they are Irish
  • There are stampedes in import food shops across Europe and the world as British TEFLers fight for the last jars of Marmite and packets of PG Tips before the import/ export rules change
  • Europeans realise that as stupid as TOEIC is, it’s no more stupid than being asked to “compare and contrast the two photos” etc in Cambridge exams
  • When an outflow of Polish plumbers is replaced by an inflow of feckless and skill-free returning TEFLers, the British realise a terrible mistake they’ve made and beg to be allowed to be let back in the EU

Earlier posts on the topic back when the whole idea seemed completely silly:

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3 Responses to What does Brexit mean for TEFL?

  1. Matthew says:

    Heh! Nice one.

  2. Mary says:

    I completely agree with you. As an EU/US citizen legally based in Rome, I was forced to return to the US because of the hordes of British citizens taking the best ESL jobs. Hopefully, my son and daughter-in-law (who still lived in Rome) will now fare better and get decent-paying jobs.

  3. Andy Mallory says:

    Well – it is another kick in the teeth for UK TEFL [and UK EFL teachers who would like to work in Europe.] But – Brexit remains unlikely in the long run so the harm may be temporary and survivable.

    Many students will go to Ireland rather than the UK because of the perceived access to the EU for trips etc. Whether true or not they will think so and plan accordingly. The weaker pound may help though as fees seem cheaper to the Asian students but how long the pound will stay down is difficult to predict.

    I know this falls under humour but there will also be serious impact on an already struggling industry.

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