10 years of TEFLtastic!

10 years, 1700 blog posts, over 500 actual articles, nearly 2000 worksheets, over 6000 comments, about 10,000,000 page views – and it’s all happened very much by accident.

TEFLtastic started in June 2006 back when I was writing regular articles and reviews for TEFL.net. The owner decided to start a blog platform for teachers on the site and asked me if I wanted to help him try it out by having one of the first blogs, and I said “Sure, why not?”, despite having little idea what a blog actually was.

We then nearly scrapped the idea for lack of a name. However, my first attempt at a blog post said I wanted the blog to be “TEFLtastic” (a word stolen from a colleague in Spain meaning “works really well in class, but so much like what you learnt on your CELTA you kind of feel embarrassed about it”), and the site owner said “How about that for a name?” The plan was just for a kind of online CV with links to my stuff elsewhere, but I quickly got hooked on actual blogging and for a very short while you could probably say TEFLtastic was right at the centre of the (then very small) TEFL blogging world.

Since then TEFL blogging has moved on, TEFL.net blogs have disappeared, TEFLtastic was moved onto wordpress.com, and it’s become less of a blog and more of that list of links that I originally planned, but I’m still around! If you’d like to help me to be able to spend a bit more time on the blog in the next ten years (posting the improved versions of worksheets and new stuff waiting on my hard disk, writing those answer keys that people always ask for, etc),  please support TEFLtastic.

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4 Responses to 10 years of TEFLtastic!

  1. Jalanda says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if you had a TEFL COURSE available for purchase. I would like to purchase the course with the idea of sharing it with students.

  2. alexcase says:

    I’m afraid not.

  3. Fazira says:

    Hi alex omg!!! I was reading the blog on max and tefl university…. I am a sri lankan and I had a very bad experience. I was moving to japan and i wanted a qualification in teaching english. A certain institute in my city is conducting the same course with the same name and they wouldnt give me the affliations or a way to contact the uni after I paid and sat for the so called exams they sent me the certificates and it all looks so fake. Its the same fraud max and his phony assistants in Sri lanka. I started a legal battle and had to give up as I didnt have the time or energy for it. Keep spreading awareness. Thank you wish I had seen your blog sooner

  4. Hey Alex,

    Well done. Fantastic achievement in 10 years. Hopefully I’ll be the same when I reach that point. Really enjoy your blog and have done for a couple of years, keep up the great work!


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