New TEFL stuff April and May 2016

Had a little burst of activity while I was between jobs and so briefly almost back to the good old days in terms of quantity. If you’d like to help me have more time to post such stuff, please support TEFLtastic.

New ones that I haven’t mentioned yet top of each section:


Really Learn the Most Useful Telephoning phrases e-book


How to teach ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ for ability

The most useful can/ can’t for ability activities

20 things wrong with most self-study materials

Activities that match the questions in students’ heads

How to start phone calls in English

Lists of useful language

The 100 most useful telephoning phrases

Index pages

Invitations games/ worksheets page

Objective First (FCE) games/ worksheets page

Question formation games/ worksheets page

Photocopiable classroom activities

Reported Speech Extended Speaking

Learning and Using English extended speaking (with subject questions presentation and practice)

Food from different countries bluffing game (nationality words and reported speech)

Compare the IELTS Academic Writing Part One answers (with lots of lovely language for comparing)

Travel English Telephone, Email and Face-to-Face Dice Game

Clothes and accessories random pelmanism

Recommendations with Superlative Adjectives

Explaining food vocabulary defining relative clauses practice

Want Plus Prepositions of Position Personalised Drawing Game

Country and Nationality Words discussion questions

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Sentence Transformations The Same or Different (with holding up cards warmer game and typical confusions)

Countable and Uncountable compare your days and weeks

Weather Vocabulary and Making & Responding to Invitations

Comparing the different Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Writing Tasks

Good & Bad Travel English Responses (like TOEIC listening, with typical mistakes and confusions)

Describing Japanese things used to practice (easily adaptable for other nationalities)

Want to and places make me say yes game

Find similarities and differences with your partner (for FCE Speaking Parts 1 and 2, but useful for other classes, especially for comparing and contrasting language)

False friends in Japanese and English contrasting practice (easily adaptable for other languages)

Comparing language Sentence Transformations

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Part Four Idioms Reversi Game

Explaining Japanese festivals and celebrations

Body Language and Phrases for Managing Classes (teacher training worksheet, with miming game)

Typical Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Transformation Mistakes

Guess the Country from the Weather

FCE Speaking Part One questions on clothes and fashion

Checking/ clarifying language error correction

Brainstorming language for 0Cambridge First Certificate of English (FCE) Use of English Part Four Sentence Transformations

Health vocabulary brainstorming

FCE email and letter tasks on the topic of clothes

FCE Writing Part One essay on festivals and celebrations

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