22 key word sentence transformations links

Just in case you didn’t notice in the last post, a brief heads up that I’ve gone a little FCE sentence transformations crazy over the last couple of months, with an article and loads of new worksheets. I’ve also added two more new worksheets since that post, and updated my links to other relevant pages on the blog (have something done, reported speech, etc). Most also useable with Cambridge Advanced classes. And, believe it or not, more coming soon…

Cambridge First Usef of English Part Four games/ worksheets page


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3 Responses to 22 key word sentence transformations links

  1. dermhurl says:

    Thank you for everything!

  2. Rob McComish says:

    Is that yourself Dermo?

  3. dermhurl says:

    Hello Hobbie,
    It is indeed myself, attempting to improve my Spanish and teach some Spanglish in the meantime.

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