30 new TEFL articles and worksheets (Spring 2016)

A fairly typical amount of new stuff on Usingenglish.com and on TEFLtastic, though in my humble opinion the quality is getting a little better all the time…

Help and Hindrance in IELTS Listening

Whose is this Whose are these Possessives personalised drawing game

Body Idioms problems and solutions presentation and speaking

Make Self-Study Tips Linking Words Practice

Language Learning Advice Modals practice and presentation

The First Time/Last Time Past Tenses Extended Speaking

Help & Hindrance in IELTS Academic Reading

Third Person Statements Bluffing Coin Game

Will for Spontaneous Decisions “Answer Me” getting reactions speaking game

Have and Want Personalised Guessing Game

Opposites Hangman Spelling and Guessing Game

Typical Mistakes with English Numbers Error Correction Task

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Speaking Part Three Phrases Presentation, practice and games (for updated exam)

Advice for Foreign Travellers Zero Conditional with Imperatives and Modals practice

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Part 4 Sentence Transformation Hangman

Make FCE Use of English Part Four Questions from the root sentences

Make FCE Use of English Part Four Sentence Transformation Tasks for typical language points

Make FCE Use of English Sentence Transformations from the key words

How to teach Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English key word sentence transformations

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Speaking Part Two Prepositions, Determiners and Key Words

Guess the Clothes from the Hints

It is/ They are & my/ your/ his/ her Drawing Game

Dealing with Requests and Enquiries Responses- Card Games

Travel English Simplest Responses and Key Words Games

Future tenses in telephoning roleplays and grammar presentation

Small talk after not meeting for a while

Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Drawing Game

How to teach possessive adjectives

Dealing with Enquiries- Jigsaw Dialogues

Dealing with problems and complaints- step by step roleplays

If that ain’t enough for yer, more materials for all these language points and other uses for most of the same games elsewhere on this blog.

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