New TEFL stuff from the rest of 2015

TEFLtastic blog wasn’t much of a blog in 2015, and it is unlikely to become one again in 2016 given the two unintended consequences of blogging less:

One slightly disheartening effect of never blogging was a record-breaking number of hits, nearly twice last year’s at well over two million page views. That could well be because people can now click on TEFLtastic for teaching ideas and photocopiable activities without any danger of accidentally coming across attempts at humour or navel-gazing on their way there. Or it could, hopefully, be the result of the second consequence of never blogging, which is that a lack of musing on pointless TEFL-related questions has left time for a leap in the quality of the more useful stuff that I’m producing. It may not seem like it from the big list below, but I do believe, or at least sincerely hope, that 2015 was finally the year I went for quality over quantity. In fact, frankly I’m not sure I’d use any of the materials I produced before 2015 anymore

New TEFL articles

Fitting learner training into your syllabus

40 telephoning activities

Favourites in ESL classes

Why does my teacher not speak more slowly?

How to teach Cambridge First Certificate Listening Part Four

How to teach the zero conditional

How to teach English syllables

New pdf classroom activities

Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Memory Games

Sentences with “in case”- Discuss and Agree

Singular and Plural Possessive S TPR Miming Game

Present Simple and Progressive Trends and Meetings Practice

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Speaking Part Three Collaborative Task intensive practice (Revised)

Passive Voice- Free and Controlled Speaking

Numbers in English- The Same or Different

Third Person Present Tense Questions- Alphabet Game

Politeness in making arrangements and future tenses review

Choose the Best Job Interview Responses

First and Second Conditional Negotiating Practice

Past Simple Make Me Say Yes- Personalised Speaking Game

Processes in Planes and Airports- Present and Past Passive Practice

Have & Have Got with Prepositions of Position

Business Moral Dilemmas Conditionals Practice

Collocations- Counting Syllables Practice

Make Sentences from Syllables- Scrabble Game

Consonant Clusters Pronunciation

English Collocations- Counting Syllables Consonant Clusters Practice

Dealing with Requests and Enquiries- Line-by-line Brainstorming

Good and bad responses in negotiations

Do you like + Does he like Categories Coin Game

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Exam and Self-study Tips- Speculating Practice

Defining Relative Clauses Discuss and Agree

Modals of Deduction Guess the Country

Discussing Business Problems with Conditionals

TV Ads- Present Simple and Present Continuous Presentation and Practice

Emailing- Dealing with problems and complaints

Social English Responses- Card Games

Dealing with Problems and Complaints- Card Games

Business English Meetings – Comparative Adjectives Practice

Meeting People- Line-by-line Brainstorming

He has/ She has-Present Simple Games

Present Simple and Continuous Needs Analysis and Presentation

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Roleplay- A Buffet Lunch

Present Perfect and Simple Past- Small Talk

Academic English- Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Comparing products using comparative and superlative adjectives

Like and Would Like- Make me say yes speaking game

Describing Companies with Present Simple and Progressive

FCE (Cambridge First Certificate) Speaking- Needs Analysis and Useful Language

Giving Advice- Personality Problems

Food and Drink- Present Perfect Bluffing Game

Small Talk in Business- Present Simple Questions

Guests and Hosts- Restaurant Vocabulary

Do you have + May I have Games

Planning FCE Writing Part One essays

HR vocabulary and trends practice

Number of Syllables- The Same or Different Games

Number of Syllables Maze Game

Zero Conditional Practice- Advice for Parents

Zero Conditional- Personalised Sentence Completion Guessing Game

Zero Conditionals and Feelings Personalised guessing game

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One Response to New TEFL stuff from the rest of 2015

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Alex!
    Hi! Many thanks for all the worksheets you produce. It’s also great to read about other people’s experiences in the classroom and compare them to mine. All the information you produce is great for inspiring new ideas and activities.

    All your resources really help. Keep it up!

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