New teaching English syllables materials and teaching ideas

Recently had the hard but rewarding experience of writing and giving a nine-hour course just on pronunciation. Spent about 3 hours of that on making sure my students could recognise and produce the right number of syllables, including in famously difficult situations like consonant clusters, -ed endings and -(e)s endings, and words ending with consonants without a final vowel. It was surprisingly successful given how difficult Japanese students tend to find it to get “strike” down from four syllables to one, but still an awful lot of work for a one-off lesson! Therefore as usual I’ve decided to share my ideas to make all that labour feel more worthwhile…

Six photocopiable classroom activities plus an article with many more lesson ideas now available on my brand new page on the topic:

Teaching English syllables games/ worksheets

and those an a couple of other new activities added to my general pron pages:

Pronunciation games/ worksheets

Articles on teaching pronunciation

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4 Responses to New teaching English syllables materials and teaching ideas

  1. Monica Wolf says:

    Excellent worksheets! Tks very much (:-)

  2. tokyofox says:

    ah Tefltastic is back! I thought that maybe it had ceased production!

  3. alexcase says:

    Still ticking along with regular extra worksheets and links etc. Been a while since it’s really been a blog rather than just a collection of teaching materials though, so am thinking of taking the word “blog” out of its title…

  4. Luke says:

    I’m liking the English Syllables idea. I often overlook pronunciation in my teaching in hopes that it will be developed through videos, songs, and other listening activities. Unfortunately, only a select few have the “ear” to develop it on their own.

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