New TEFL pdfs May to July 2015

Didn’t realise that it was so long that I I hadn’t written one of these lists of latest photocopiable material. Can’t say I have any evidence that people were crying out for a bunch of new worksheets from me, but here they all are anyway…

In reverse chronological order:

Comparative Adjectives and Requests speaking and grammar presentation

FCE Listening Part Two-Guessing What Goes in the Gaps game

Past Simple Small Talk Questions

Financial Vocabulary Trends Mini-Presentations

Verbs for Describing Processes

The process of IELTS Listening (listening tips linked to IELTS Writing Part One process tasks)

Which Part of the FCE Listening?

Countable and Uncountable Nouns- Kitchen Shopping Roleplay Discussion

Like and Would Like Food Roleplay Dialogue

Setting Up a New Office- Countable & Uncountable Roleplay

FCE Speaking Part One on education

FCE Speaking Part Two on education

FCE Speaking Part Four and Writing Part One on education

Likes Alphabet Coin Game

Determiners in Typical Presentations Phrases

He Likes & She Likes Games

Explaining education in your country comparing and contrasting practice

Meeting on the topic of entertaining guests

Describing Japanese things comparing and contrasting practice

Formal and Informal Phrases for FCE Emails and Letters

Country and Nationality Words Bluffing Game

Planning FCE Email Tasks

Wh- Questions Needs Analysis, Presentation and Practice

There is & There are with Prepositions Make Me Say Yes Game

Giving Reasons in Negotiations

Dealing with Presentation Questions Politely

FCE Speaking Part One on family

FCE Speaking Part One on free time and hobbies

FCE Writing Part Two restaurant review task

Present Simple and Continuous Discuss and Agree

Present Perfect and Simple Past Meetings Roleplays

Leading seminars & discussions longer phrases game

Leading seminars & discussions review

Rephrasing in IELTS Speaking Part One

Arrangements, Plans, Predictions and Spontaneous Decisions game

Conspiracy Theories- Speculating about the Present and Past Practice

Alphabet Homophones and Minimal Pairs

Giving Positive and Negative Feedback in Academic Discussions

IELTS Speaking Part One and Needs Analysis First Lesson

Leading Seminars/Discussions Politeness Competition Game

Present Continuous and Prepositions Drawing Dice Game

Negotiating Phrases Mimes

Meeting People- Key Words, Phrases, Dialogues and Topics

Respond to the meeting people phrases

Internal and External Business Negotiation Roleplays

Language of trends and advice practice

Business trends and predictions

Comparing and contrasting synonyms

Opinions on emailing

Second conditional and trends

Frequency Expressions Ranking and Speaking Card Games

Meaning and Formality Differences in Emails

Solutions to poverty discussion and reading

Emailing test

Small talk with present tenses

Travel Vocabulary & Roleplays

Travel Situations Email and Telephone Roleplays

If that ain’t enough for you, see the last post on food and drink vocabulary for a couple more new ones.




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One Response to New TEFL pdfs May to July 2015

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Alex I’ve just had a look at “Determiners in Typical Presentation Phrases”, and I think it’s awesome! I am going to work on this material with my students in September Thanks!

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