Two nice new activities for mixed future tenses

Along with the fact the authors have done boring stuff like workbooks so I don’t have to, what I most like about teaching with textbooks is the challenge of trying to come up with activities to tie together with whatever random language points come next to each other in the book. As with the two ideas mentioned below, I sometimes even find that it helps me come up with ideas that probably never would have occurred to me otherwise but I’ll almost certainly use in classes that don’t have this particular text.

Present Perfect and mixed future tenses

Students get one point for each time they can get the answer “No, I never have, but…” to “Have you ever…?” questions that they ask their partner(s), with the “but…” part plus a future form being very important. For example, they score a point if their partner says “No, I never have, but I’d like to/ but I’m going to/ but I probably will/ but I definitely will/ but I might” to questions like “Have you ever been to Africa?” and “Have you ever cooked French food?” That means they get no points if their partner says “Yes, I have” or gives a totally negative answer like “No, and I don’t really want to/ probably never will/ etc”.

Food vocabulary and mixed future tenses

Students get one point for each correct future sentence that they can make about their partner on the topic of food, e.g. if their partner says “That’s true” to “You are going to cook tonight” and “You will probably eat horse sometime this year”. They don’t get a point if the statement that they make is not (likely to be) true, including if the tense is wrong, e.g. if their partner says “Actually, I’m planning to eat out tonight, but I might have to cook if my husband comes back late” or “Actually, I’m going to a horse meat restaurant tonight”. To ensure a range of language, you could ban students from repeating future times, foods, future tenses etc in their guesses, or at least until they have used a good selection of them at the beginning of the game.

Many more activities combining different future forms here.

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