TEFLtastic updated nearly every day (really!)

You certainly wouldn’t think  it from the number of actual posts, but under the hood (also known as the classroom activities section) new links to my articles and worksheets are added several times a week. To make it easy to spot when pages have either been updated since you last came to them or have been neglected for ages and so should be treated with caution, have started writing dates when pages were last updated and labelled the newest links. And if I do ever feel inspired to actually blog again, this blog posts bit of what is still called rather misleadingly “TEFLtastic blog” will of course be here waiting…

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2 Responses to TEFLtastic updated nearly every day (really!)

  1. Sean Mitchell says:

    Thank you, Alex, for having dedicated so much time and effort to these blogs and materials, and for always adding an element of humour to this increasingly grey and humourless field that we call TEFL.

  2. alexcase says:

    Hi Sean. It really is my pleasure, though I haven’t seen the funny side that much recently…

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