New photocopiable classroom activities March and April 2015

A bit of a random selection as always, but I do seem to be coming up with a lot of dice games recently and my collection of EFL games using dice is now up to 16.

Meetings on the topic of travel (with travel collocations)

This/ that slapping game

Meetings on the topic of problems (with adjective opposites)

Discussion about language learning with adverbs of frequency

Good and bad travel experiences speaking

Like + Gerund Personalised Speaking Dice Game

Time Expressions with Present Simple personalised speaking and presentation (adverbs of frequency and prepositions of time)

Problems with some and any speaking practice

Problems with Have and There are speaking practice

Negotiating phrases error correction pairwork

Wh- Questions for Making Small Talk

Brainstorm a telephone dialogue line by line

Subject and Object Questions Speaking Games

Telephoning Problems Vocabulary, Roleplays and Phrases

Favourites Drawing Dice Game

Negotiations Jigsaw Dialogues and Useful Phrases

Favourites Alphabet Dice Game

Passive Tenses Environmental Quiz

Ending Presentations Politeness Competition Game

Useful phrases for FCE Writing Part One Essays

Adjectives with too and not enough problems and solutions

Problems with Too & Not Enough Presentation and Practice

FCE (Cambridge First Certificate) Writing Part One Essays Advice and Useful Phrases

FCE (Cambridge First Certificate) Writing on Speaking Part One Topics

Starting and Ending Negotiations phrases card games

Closing Lines for Different Kinds of Emails

Can, can’t and prepositions dice game

Adverbs of Frequency for Describing Business Culture

A & An for Describing Companies and Jobs

You can also find all of these on the relevant index pages via the dropdown menus just under the photo above, and many of my worksheets are also mentioned in the very extensive resources section of the brand new website EFL Magazine.

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