New free English teaching classroom materials January and February 2015

Latest ones top. If you want more on any of these topics, they are also all on the relevant index pages in the full worksheets section here.

Verbs with Two Objects School Rules Discussion

Verbs with Two Objects Roleplay Discussion

Ending presentations politeness competition game

Meeting people criteria board game

Too formal or informal for most business emails

Starting Presentations Politeness Competition Game

Present Simple and Continuous for Describing Your Company and Job

IELTS Academic Writing Task Two Tips and Useful Phrases

Prepositions of Position Making Sentences TPR Game

Present and Past Ability Bluff

Common Mistakes in Emails Pairwork Speaking Error Correction Game

Making Arrangements Cultural Differences and Useful Phrases Modal Practice

Can you Make the Academic English Sentences Passive?

IELTS Speaking on Reading (to tie those two parts of the exam together and talk about exam and study tactics)

Gradable and Extreme Adjectives Miming Game

Emailing Phrases Tenses and Verb Forms Review

Making Proposals & Suggestions in Negotiations Game

IELTS Speaking Dice Game and Questions Review

Structures of Different Kinds of Emails

Present Continuous Actions in Different Places

Class Rules Modals of Obligation, Prohibition and Permission

IELTS Academic Writing Part One- Processes (talking about process task and the process of writing in IELTS more generally)

Preparing for Presentations Negotiating for Points Game

Rephasing in ELTS Academic Writing Task 1

Green Initiatives Modals Debate

FCE Writing Part One essay tasks on language learning

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