Changes to FCE exam from January 2015

Been updating my extensive but now slightly out of date FCE materials pages.

Changes to the exam from this month that I’ve least started to update my stuff to match:

– Use of English and Reading papers combined and so paper and some sections renamed

– No more stories in Writing Part Two

– No more letters or emails in Writing Part One

– Writing Part One now always an essay (see following post)

– Speaking Part Three now in two parts (discuss, then interrupted by examiner and then asked to decide), more like opinion questions than before, and based on written prompts rather than pictures

Changes I didn’t need to make because I never had anything on it:

– No more set texts and matching questions in the Writing

Changes to the exam I haven’t updated my stuff to match yet:

– Fewer questions in all sections of the Reading and Use of English paper

– Both Writing Part One and Writing Part Two now 140-190 words (presumably because there is no longer lots of text to read in Part One)

– No more emails/ letters with lots to read before you write

– Speaking Part One now 2 minutes instead of 3

Changes that I probably won’t be able to do anything about:

– There’s presumably a new version of FCE Result out, but I won’t be using it and so those pages probably won’t be updated.

See this TEFL Geek page and the Cambridge FCE handbook for two complete updated sample tests for a more systematic description of the changes.

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2 Responses to Changes to FCE exam from January 2015

  1. David Petrie says:

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the link – your readers might also find the following useful – I did a Live Online Workshop for International House last year on the changes to the First and Advanced exams – talking through all of the changes and what they might mean for us in the classroom. It was recorded and is still available to view via You Tube – I’ve also made my slides from the talk available to download. You can find all the information here:
    All the best,

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks David. Didn’t have time to watch the vid, but the slides were useful thanks.

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