New English teaching photocopiable activities Nov/ Dec 2014

Happy New Year! Out with this (very slightly) old, then back to Starbucks to continue working on the new… Just in reverse chronological order, so the most useful is probably halfway down the page somewhere.

Rephrasing in IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission green initiatives debate

Explaining Japanese things verbs of sensation practice

Offers in business practice

Company security Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Comparing IELTS Academic Writing Task One and Two

Negotiating for points game

Can/ Can’t mimes lower level version

Possessive S miming race game

Family, favourites and possessive S guessing games

Animals, body and possessive S pictionary advanced version

Clothes, body and animals possessive S pictionary game

Language learning adverbs of manner practice

Christmas and New Year Trends

Longer negotiating phrases card games

Negotiating Language Board Game

Clothes and Possessives Drawing Game

IELTS Speaking What you and the examiner should say games

Define the quoting sources vocabulary

Present Perfect things in common game

Present Simple and Continuous things in common

IELTS Speaking Roleplays

Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses Bluff Game

IELTS Speaking Part One The Same or Different

Countable & Uncountable Categories Board Game and Presentation

Uncountable Categories with Countable Examples Board Game

Starting presentations tips and useful phrases

IELTS Speaking prepositions and articles pairwork guessing game

Requests & Enquiries Board Game

Present Simple Chain Stories (Consequences)

FCE Speaking Part One functional language board game

FCE Speaking Part One functional language card games

Dealing with foreign guests meeting criteria board game

Different kinds of business communication meeting criteria board game

Meeting People Jigsaw Dialogues and Useful Phrases

Hedging & Quoting Sources

Functional Language Dice Game

Emailing- formal and informal functional language

Patents Vocabulary and Discussion

If only & I wish unreal past regrets dice bluffing game

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