The most popular TEFLtastic photocopiables in 2014

2014 was a record breaking year for TEFLtastic, finally recovering from the chaos after the split from and then reaching over 1,500,000 annual page views. I’d love to think that was because my attempts at humour have been wonderfully successful, but over 95% of the popular stuff was of course photocopiable classroom activities. Which particular ones got all the hits seems completely random, but here they are anyway in case you are interested:

1.      Second, third and mixed conditionals discussion questions
2.      Mr Bean Narrative tenses
3.      First conditional sentence completion guessing game
4.      Can Can’t match the person to the sport
5.      Present Perfect Continuous Discussion Dice game
6.      Comparatives and superlatives personalised speaking games
7.      Third conditional sentence completion guessing game
8.      FCE Speaking Part Three language learning tasks and useful phrases
9.      First conditional consequences
10.   Comparatives and superlatives recommendations challenge
11.   Headlines vocabulary guess the story (Modals of probability/ possibility)
12.   Technical English Measurements and Superlatives Lesson
13.   Guess the future time
14.   Reporting verbs guessing and story telling
15.   Can can’t sports mimes
16.   Third conditional things in common personalisation game
17.   Do It Yourself Mr Bean (Infinitives of purpose)
18.   Country guessing You can game
19.   Present Continuous /Present Perfect Continuous guessing game
20.   Present Perfect Continuous guessing game
21.   Present Perfect Simple and Continuous job interview roleplay cards
22.   Inventions guessing game (Modals of deduction)
23.   Yesterday by the Beatles Past and present tense review
24.   Present Perfect Continuous complaining competition
25.   Simple Past Liar! game
26.   Present Perfect Continuous and jobs Guess the changes
27.   Food Vocabulary Comparatives and Superlatives
28.   Discussion questions about festivals, celebrations and public holidays
29.   Guess the job 20 questions and personalisation
30.   2nd conditional sentence completion guessing game
31.   People who speak to you Reported speech game
32.   Going to and Will for predictions Mr Bean The Exam
33.   Going to for plans/ will for spontaneous decisions helping game
34.   Describing objects 20 questions and extended speaking
35.   IELTS Speaking on festivals and celebrations
36.   Past continuous and remembering/ forgetting
37.   Advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of holiday
38.   Logic Puzzles Reading Comprehension
39.   Homes and architecture vocabulary Pictionary
40.   2nd conditional chain writing (consequences) game
41.   This that these those Pictionary
42.   Talking about your job and company first class
43.   Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers modals of probability/ possibility
44.   Spot this that these those flashcards game
45.   Ghosts storytelling vocabulary game
46.   Starting and Ending Conversations Lesson
47.   Prohibitions guess the place
48.   Present Perfect Simple sentence completion guessing game
49.   Being Around by the Lemonheads (Second Conditional)
50.   Media vocabulary list dictation
51.   Feelings and amusement park vocabulary
52.   Countable and uncountable foods presentation and speaking
53.   Second conditional supernatural error correction and discussion
54.   Your city Comparatives and superlatives recommendations and quiz
55.   Modules 1 and 2 vocabulary Past Continuous accusations game
56.   Your weekend Present Perfect and Simple Past
57.   What does this sign mean prohibitions pictionary
58.   Medical moral dilemmas (2nd conditional)
59.   Conditionals review sentence completion guessing game
60.   Third conditional and past modals advice
61.   Good rules and bad rules
62.   Reported Speech functional language guessing game
63.   Going to for plans and future continuous for predictions
64.   Supernatural modals of probability discussion
65.   Business English Present Simple or Continuous discussion questions
66.   Past simple/ continuous/ perfect logic puzzles
67.   Travel Advice country guessing (modals)
68.   Present Perfect Continuous Say Yes Bluff
69.   Past continuous memory game
70.   Functional language reported speech storytelling game
71.   Comparing places and things for tourists
72.   Present Perfect Simple and Continuous personality quizzes
73.   IELTS Speaking Parts Two and Three on Animals
74.   Third conditional vocabulary revision random pelmanism game
75.   Defining architecture vocabulary
76.   Cultural rules modals pairwork
77.   Your weekend and life predictions and probability
78.   Business negotiations Second conditional
79.   Reported speech chain stories (consequences)
80.   Present Perfect Continuous How questions
81.   IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three on food
82.   Second conditional ghosts discussion questions
83.   Narrative tenses storytelling game
84.   Dependant prepositions Jigsaw text
85.   Describing objects
86.   FCE word formation challenge game (Use of English Part Three)
87.   Countable uncountable 20 questions
88.   Present Perfect and changes
89.   Crimes and Misdemeanours 20 questions
90.   Hotel negotiations pairwork roleplay
91.   The story of your life Mini presentations
92.   Rules and regulations bluff game
93.   Media discussion questions
94.   This that these those mimes
95.   Technical English countable uncountable definitions game
96.   The past and present comparatives practice
97.   Compare and contrast the places
98.   Adjectives to describe last week
99.   Advanced architecture vocabulary
100.Comparatives and superlatives Last weekend


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