TEFLtastic attempts at humour in 2014

I was too busy following my own recommendations on Kaizen TEFL and endlessly polishing up worksheets to see the funny side very much in 2014, but I did come up with these when I was really trying to take a break and cheer myself up. In approximate order of how much I think they might be worth remembering… 

What student compliments really mean

What you should be and really are thinking in class

21 signs that I was fated to be a TEFLer 

13 reasons why chairs with flaps are better than tables 

More realistic lesson aims 

Freelance teachers’ survival kit 

Adding spirituality to teaching English

A great warmer for managers who have to cover classes 

My computer corrected me in class!

How to cash in on Scottish independence – a guide for TEFLers 

I also didn’t have much time to read other blogs and TEFL forums, so recommendations for TEFL humour elsewhere gratefully received.

There are also these from earlier years which someone must have rediscovered if the spike in their stats is anything to go by:

The best slogans for crappy English schools 

Don’t do the CELTA

What we really should ask in level checks and needs analysis

Earlier years’ lists are here:








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