EFL characters

I can’t find any trace online of it now, but when I first posted this I swear it linked to a robot character representing IELTS. Honest!

That wouldn’t be the first EFL mascot, with even people who had no interest in language learning happily shelling out money to buy various Nova Bunny products before that huge chain of schools somehow managed to go bust.

It made me wonder what other EFL characters might be useful, for example:

– Eli the Elicitation Elephant (to make teachers elicit rather than just waffle on at the front of the classroom)

– Pedro the Pairwork Panda (to convince both teachers and students of the merits and methods of endlessly changing pairs)

– Terrence the Teaching Conditions Terrier (to convince IATEFL that workshops and newsletters aren’t going to improve standards while payment and conditions keeping on getting lower)

– Natalia the Non-Native Speaker Teacher Newt (she knows how you feel because, unlike the bad guy Nigel the Native Speaker Teacher Nile Crocodile, she’s actually learnt foreign languages before)

Any more?

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