34 IELTS Speaking games

My IELTS articles and worksheets pages have always had plenty of ideas for games, but they’ve been somewhat hidden under the other more boring but at least as useful activities like students making their own questions with typical question stems and choosing which exam tips are and are not true. I’ve therefore put together an article and list of handouts which can all be said to be actual games, including quite a few new ideas:

IELTS Speaking games article

Games for IELTS Speaking Part One, Part Two and Part Three (combining them or teach any one of them on their own)

IELTS Speaking games photocopiables, in approximate order of gamenessness

IELTS Speaking dice games

IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three dice game

IELTS Speaking Part One dice game and question brainstorming

IELTS Speaking Part One dice game (version of the game above, but with different times and tenses and review of useful time expressions)

IELTS Speaking board games

IELTS Speaking Part One board game and useful phrases

Forgetting language board game (don’t particularly recommend this one, but might inspire you to come up with something better)

IELTS Speaking card games

IELTS Speaking Part One topics card game (ask questions on a topic until your partner guesses exactly what the card says – need to emphasize not using the word on the card in the questions to make it work)

IELTS Speaking simplest responses games

IELTS Speaking candidate or examiner game (hold up cards depending on who you think is speaking, then try to remember useful phrases)

IELTS Presentations starting and ending phrases game

IELTS determiners and prepositions pairwork guessing game

IELTS Speaking prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing game

IELTS speaking and writing determiners pairwork guessing game

Other IELTS Speaking games

IELTS Speaking roleplays – NEW!

Ask and analyse 100 typical IELTS Speaking Part One questions (choose a number at random and answer that question)

IELTS Speaking add errors version 1 (add errors and see if another group can spot them)

IELTS Speaking add errors version 2 (ditto)

IELTS Speaking clarifying language (pretend you don’t understand all the questions and check before answering them)

Clarifying language and numbers review (dictate as quickly as possible then use the clarifying phrases to double check)

IELTS pausing language (speaking as long as you can without silence)

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